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        Hex turns around to looks back at the area where Lucion's body once laid when Mirage steps forward.
"How did you get here?" Mirage asks and Hex stares at her in disbelief.
"Mirage?!" Hex shouts giving the woman a hug. Sin and Chiie look at each other curiously.
"You two know each other?" Gabriel asks closing distance and the fiend looks up from her hug.
"Gabriel... He killed you...How are you here?"
"Theres alot to explain Chiie." Mirage says to the elder fiend and everyone looks around shocked.
"You didn't tell me who she was!" the newblood fiend shouts to Miruka.
"You didn't ask!" she yells back throwing her hands in the air. "Would it have really mattered?"
"How do you know this one Mira?" Sin asks and the telepath sighs.
"When I was a girl I fell in an ice pond, I ended up going into a coma. When I was there these beings Im not really sure what they were, but they said they were the balance. They said...that they needed me to help protect the balance between good and evil. They gave me power, but they owned me, I was just an instrument to them." Mirage begins.
"But that was in Hex's time right?" Miruka asks and Mirage nods.
"Lucion, is Gabriel's father." Mirage says and Gabriel's eyes widen.
"In my time, he killed your mother, and abandoned the two of you. You lived with your grandfather William DeCosta until you two were sixteen. You sought revenge, you and Ashura, but he killed Ashura and tried to turn you. You fought and killed your father Gabriel." Hex says to continue Mirage's story.
"Exactly, Luci dropped out of high school to support Elizabeth by herself, Gabriel and Chiie were married, Sin and I were mated. Eight years later Ashura was resurrected with the death's eye amulet and turned evil, Lucion was also brought back to life. Chiie found out that she was pregnant and that they were going to have a boy. Ashura turned good after speaking to Luci and seeing his daughter. Lucion however...he still wanted us all dead." Mirage continues.
"We went to fight him, everyone after another. Sin was stabbed through the chest. Ashura was set on fire, Gabriel's throat was cut, and Luci's life force was stolen to complete his transformation. With her soul he became more than just a zombie. He became whole again."
"What happened? After we died? How are you here?" Gabriel asks Mirage who sighs.
"In the last moment I used the powers given to me by the balance to switch places with him. As their pawn I hurt my friends and did things I wasnt proud of. They told me the only way to live a normal life was to exchange myself for an evil soul. So I switched places with Lucion and I ended up waking up from my coma all over again. Now Im here with you all and Lucion has never been a part of our lives until now."
"So thats where you went?!? You left me all alone with him!" Hex shouts angrily.
"Hows that possible? He came back with me as the balance keeper in this time." Mirage explains and Miruka sighs.  
"Thats where you are wrong...You activated the spell that took you back in time, it was your waking up in the past that caused the timeline to split into two outcomes. When you woke up the second time it was in three days instead of three years. You were not in your coma long enough for the fates to notice you, and instead they noticed the ultimate evil in the making." Miruka explains.
"That explains how Lucion appears in our time as well Hex." Aku says from where he stands against the wall.
"So? What happened when I left?" Mirage asks almost ashamed of herself for doing what she did.
"It was the beginning of the worst time of my, our, lives. Huh Aku?" Hex asks and Aku rests his hands on her shoulders in reassurance.
"It was two days after you all left to fight Lucion." she begins.

           Chiie stands at the window rubbing her pregnant belly watching for any sign of the others.
"Hello Chiie." comes a familiar voice from behind. Chiie turns to see Lucion standing behind her.
"What are you doing here?! Where are the others?" Chiie shouts and Lucion wastes no time bridging the gap between them.
"I was worried when I realized you didnt come with them. I thought something might have happened to you." Lucion says touching her cheek.
"What happened to the others? Where are they?" Chiie asks almost afraid to know.
"Dead, all of them. Did you really need to ask?" Lucion chuckles and Chiie starts to cry heavily. "I know you've fallen in love with him in the time I was gone, but Im here now. Im going to take care of you. Starting with the pain you feel right now." Lucion says grabbing her face in his hands resting his thumbs on her forehead. Lucion uses his powers to block out the pain and love she felt for her friends and even for Gabriel.
"Dont worry Chiie, this is where you belong. The two of us, and our son together again." Lucion says as he removes his hands from her face and rubs her belly.
"Im going to mark you again, the two of you will change, but he will not be in any danger." Lucion says and Chiie nods as the fiend touches her neck turning her and her unborn child into fiends. "Whats his name?" Lucion asks and Chiie looks down.
"Andrade, his name is Andrade." Chiie smiles and Lucion grabs her hand.
"We need to leave before someone comes looking for us." Lucion says pulling her through an open portal the two land in the field of black flowers.
"Where are we?" Chiie asks and Lucion looks around.
"We're in the nightlands. This is where fiends are born. From today forward you will be known as Hex. If someone were to find out what your true name is there could be issues." Lucion says and Chiie nods.
"Its time we started living the way we've wanted for some time, without fear." Lucion says bringing the woman close to him.
"I cant imagine youre afraid of anything Lucion." Chiie replies looking up at him from the side. "Not with you here." he says giving her a sweet kiss.

"So if the two of you raised Andrade, where is he now? When did Aku come into play?" Gabriel asks and Hex looks away sadly.
"He died, when we began working for Hoshimi's father he gave us a place to live in the black castle. Andrade became one of Kage's guards in return. Discord came back to take his rightful place as Black King and killed Kage, taking Hoshimi as his bride. In the struggle for power Discord killed Andrade. Lucion couldnt console me, he even tried to take it away like he did when Gabriel was killed. I never really got over it." Hex explains.
"I was one of the guards that worked with Andrade.  Hex and I became close that way.  She started spending more time with me then with Lucion. He allowed us to become mates to make Hex happy. We have four kids together, Lucion has no other children." Aku finishes.
"Im sorry, I didnt mean to ruin your timeline." Mirage says sadly and Hex gives her a hug.
"Its okay, I know you didnt mean it, and I have Aku and the children now. When he took those feelings from me, he made me do something I'd never do willingly. I followed him."
"Its good to see all of you again, Mirage, Sin, and you too Gabriel. Cherish the time you have with them Chiie all of them. If something were to would destroy you." Hex says and Chiie nods thankful for the advice. Aku waves his hand opening a purple door like portal. He reaches out his hand to Hex and the two of them leave, the portal closing.
"Why didnt you tell us any of this Mira?" Sin asks and she shrugs.
"Would any of you have really believed me?" Mirage asks and Gabriel shakes his head.
"No way in hell." Gabriel says the others all laughing.
"I should go too, I dont belong here after all." Miruka says patting Mirage's shoulder.
"Look after Destiny for me, both of you." Miruka adds.
"Wait!" Sin shouts and Miruka turns to look at him.
"Did you ever love me?" he asks and she nods.
"I did once, then you did what you did and I was too angry with you. You were sealed away so its not like I could get revenge on you or kill you if I wanted. I dont think I could anyway, not when it happened. I spent years hardening my heart and now... I feel nothing but sadness for you." Miruka explains and Sin lowers his eyes away from her.
"Why did you have me sealed?"
"I couldnt let you free to hurt someone else. Neither you nor I could control your fiend side, so I had you sealed. You destroyed everything that meant anything to me, and you left me alone to raise our child."
"I need to know two things...How did you end up in the nightlands, and how did you die?" Sin asks hoping old age.
"You cant change it, so I dont know what importance it is to you if I tell you. I ended up in the nightlands because I was getting old, I was dying. Destiny didnt want to be alone, and even though we were  with your sister Lillith she didnt want me to go. Destiny tried to turn me, so I killed myself. All fiends return to the nightlands where they came from. My being there now can only mean that Destiny was successful."
"Im sorry, really for what its worth." Sin says looking down in shame.
"Its doesnt matter anymore Sin, just take care of your mates, and your children. Try to have the life we wanted." Miruka says before disappearing in a beam of light.
Emotions run high as Miruka leaves the four of them alone in the main hall.
"So what did she mean by mates?" Gabriel asks and Sin shrugs.
"Is that why you wanted to turn Chiie? Mirage, is it true?" Gabriel asks in a bit of a panic.
"Why are you so paranoid? I havent mated Chiie yet!"
"Yet? What the fuck?!" Gabriel yells angrily and the women try to pry their men back to no avail.
"Im tired of your shit! You always fight against me and you've been trying to take my family from me since we were kids! If you want me out of the picture you'll have to kill me yourself!" Gabriel shouts in his heated anger.
"Fine by me!" Sin yells getting in his face.
"Gabriel! Sin! Stop this!" Chiie and Mirage shout and Gabriel shoves Chiie down and out of the way.
"Stay out of this Chiie! I know you gave in, and you slept with him. I also know that he vowed to take every consequence for both your actions. So here it is!" Gabriel shouts and Sin readies himself to fight Chiie stares in horror now that Gabriel knows. Mirage stares a moment when deja vu hits her. Gabriel in a white button down shirt half tucked in with his long black hair free down his back. He takes his blade over his head and Mirage sees it again. "Noruyi." she thinks aloud horror wrenching her stomach and physically choking her up.
"Divine Lightning!" Gabriel shouts as bolts of thunderous electricity bear down on the two of them Sin easily dodges it, but he missteps on the stone floor and leans into one of the bolts burning his arm.
"Blaze of the Eclipse!" Sin shouts swinging his sword a red flame coming out of the blade in the shape of a phoenix. Gabriel dodges it and the two fight sword to sword they are evenly matched. Sin sweeps Gabriel's leg and drops him to the stone. Sin moves his sword in to stab and Gabriel rolls out of the way. Sin's blade sticks into the stone and the two recoil their blades. Sin jumps down on Gabriel punching him in any open spot he can find. Gabriel blocks most of them and with a quick roll shoves Sin down doing the same. Sin throws him off and Gabriel laughs soft at first and then menacingly as he stands.
"Looks like we're evenly matched in sword skill and hand to hand. Theres only one last deciding factor. Are you ready to die?"Gabriel asks and Sin chuckles a low throaty sound.
"Try me. Like I said before, you better kill me this time because if you dont itll just piss me off." Sin says with a grin as the two of them begin. Gabriel lifts his arms above his head a golden light surrounding him like an aura of righteousness. Sin grins creating a flame like barrier around himself. The two exchange punches left and right, when Gabriel throws his hands down to the floor causing the floor to flood with holy light. Sin begins to cough blood but doesnt give up as he throws a shoulder into Gabriel. Gabriel, knocked off guard, is cut in several places by the shadow power. Sin uses his mimic power to create an ice wall blocking Gabriel from him as he thinks. Gabriel uses his fists surrounded by the golden light to punch and destroy the ice in one hit. The shards of ice propel into the floor. Sin must jump to avoid them in time. An icicle pins Sin's foot down making it difficult for him to get away. Gabriel smiles as he makes his way over the fiend. His aura alone making Sin light headed. Gabriel clenches his fist making a black bubbly acid come up from the floor burning him and Sin both but only on contact. Sin uses Discords portal hopping ability to dodge Gabriel's attacks. Sin uses his flame powers to create bursting fireball attacks that Gabriel easily deflects with his powers.
"Im starting to wonder if this wont end in a stale mate." Sin says with a grin.
"Theres only one problem with that theory...You're too cocky to let that happen."Gabriel says turning up the volume on his holy powers. Sin unable to fight it is forced to his knees. Gabriel pulls out his sword from earlier and thrusts it down into Sin. The fiend grabs the sword between his hands his flesh burning badly by the holy power. Sin changes using his full demon form to absorb the shock of the holy power. Sin roars and lets the blade enter his skin.
"You too are cocky. I dont just let people win." Sin says his clawed hand through Gabriel's chest.
"I always wanted to know what you're heart felt like... Especially since I can heal from this wound and you cant." Sin grins evilly. Chiie and Mirage stare in shock. A sword through Sin's abdomen and a clawed hand through Gabriel's chest. The two men fall backwards and their respective mates tend to them.
"You're going to heal, you know that, thats why you took the blow from him? To kill him?" Mirage asks and Sin shakes his head.
"To save him." He utters and Mirage looks on confused.
"Gabriel!" Chiie shouts holding onto her husband.
"Why? I know for a fact you couldve killed him if you tried."
" wouldnt have...wanted that would you?" Gabriel huffs and Chiie shakes her head.
"I dont want either of you to die!" Chiie says cradling her husband.
"I love you Gabriel!" "Is that why you betrayed me? That why you slept with Sin?"
"Im sorry Gabriel...Im so sorry."
"I wanted Sin to kill me..." Gabriel says with a sad smile as he huffs.
"No! Gabriel I cant do this without you! Its true what happened, but after everything you and Ashura had put me through...You made me feel like you didnt trust me, you were always accusing me of things I hadnt done. I was tired of being accused! I regret what I did, and what Hex said really hit home with me. I never wanted you to die Gabriel! I love you!" Chiie says tears streaming down her face and the two of them startle as the blade in Sin's abdomen hits the floor. Sin makes his way over to the two of them grabbing Gabriel up by his collar.
"Dont do it Sin!" Chiie shouts worried that Sin will hurt Gabriel. Sin sinks his teeth into Gabe's neck. Gabriel writhes underneath him and after a minute or two Sin releases the young man. Gabriel screams in pain as his body transforms. Skin like moonlight his long black hair to the back of his knees. Gabriel's fingernails extend into claws.
"This was my plan all along, now you are one of us, mated to Mirage and I. Chiie whose already been marked by me and now you Gabriel...Now, what should we call you?" Sin asks as he begins healing the wounds in Gabriel's chest. Mirage stares open mouthed at the man who looks exactly like Lucion.
"Noruyi." Mirage utters again and Sin smiles at the name.
"Noruyi? Hm, It means a slave to fate in the old tongue. I like it Mira. Welcome Noruyi."Sin says holding out his arms to the newest blood.

The room turns grey and Mirage's stomach turns. A man looking exactly like Gabriel steps forward in a shimmering hood of purple and green the rest of him is dark like a floating shadow.
"You? But how?" Mirage asks and Lucion floats around the girl.
"You remember me? The old timeline had me as its universal evil but now that you have went back and corrected that time there must be another. Another Noruyi, if not me then someone else." Lucion says and Mirage shakes her head holding onto her stomach as she sinks to the floor.
"It was inevitable wasnt it? The spell, the fight, Noruyi...all of it." mirage asks and Lucion nods.
"Yes, when you were a girl and you slipped into the icy water only to slip into a coma you invited the fates to take you over so that you could keep the balance between good and evil. By following that line everyone here dies at the hands of Noruyi, also known as the ultimate evil. I was that Noruyi. A slave to fate as its translated. Do you remember? I made their corpses dance for you." Lucion says as he chuckles holding out a hand to her. Mirage knocks it away feeling ill.
"You made a deal to your fates. The ultimate evil for your freedom. You only wanted to be a normal little girl after all. To grow old and die with your pathetic friends. This is your reward Mirage. You get to live your life over and save your friends from me. But not the name. Noruyi will follow you and he will kill you and everyone you hold dear if you do not please him. Be subservient to him and you will be prosperous. The Noruyi is the final member of the balance." Lucion says with a laugh.
"Is there a way to stop this Noruyi?" Mirage asks and Lucion shakes his head.
"If I did not take my role as Noruyi, then it would be Gabriel, his children, or their children. There will always be a Noruyi. If Gabriel dies there will be another. There will always be another. As I was saying, he is neutral now, but keep him from tipping into the scale of evil and you will have no war, no death."
"Why wasnt Ashura chosen?"
"Gabriel was chosen by me to carry on our family name due to his powers. Ashura is not nor will he ever be strong enough to endure the physical and mental strain of becoming a Noruyi. Ashura is also evil in spirit, and so he is unable to go through the necessary changes to his soul to accept that of the slave of fate. Keep him close to you Mira and you will succeed." Lucion says before disappearing. The color comes back to her and she looks around to see Gabriel writhing on the floor. Mirage whispers something to Sin and he sobers completely.
"Are you sure? Just when I thought I could torture him for the next few centuries." Sin says waving a hand. Mirage caresses the side of Gabriel's face and soothes him.
"Gabriel its me Mirage, Im going to do something and its going to hurt a little." Mirage says but Gabriel tries to endure by wrinkling the fabric in her lap from the pain. Mirage sinks her fangs into his wrist before lifting up. Sin doing the same to the unsuspecting Chiie.
"What have you done?!" Chiie asks glaring at Sin angrily.
"The two of you have been marked as my mates now. The four of us are now a family. Equal in our own right, but servant to one another." Sin says kissing Chiie briefly and Mirage puts a soft kiss on Gabriel's lips.
"Mira?!" Chiie shouts shocked and Gabriel's pain subsides.
Gabriel stands the blood on the floor soaks into the stone and Gabriel's eyes shine a blood red briefly before returning to normal.

Months pass as the family is moved into the Lyhe manor. Payne and Iladri left as soon as the others came back from the nightlands, Destiny and Andrade left little more than a week later. Mirage had told the new bloods that it was fairly standard for this to happen with new mates as a kind of honeymoon. Had Mirage not said it, Gabriel would have been as accepting. Gabriel laid back in the large bath in the downstairs of the manor. The round stone bath had a large symbol that looked very similar to that of the black widow. This was the Lyhe crest. Mirage shudders when she sees it remembering. This manor was the place of a great tragedy and she'd rather be anywhere but here. Mirage sits next to the naked Gabriel putting her feet in the water.
"What brings you here?" Gabriel asks curiously.
"I dont want to be alone." Mirage explains.
"I have to admit the sound of fucking beasts is off-putting at best. You can hear them straight through the walls..."
"I agree."
"I cant believe its only been a few weeks and already the children have gone. Who knows when they will be back." Gabriel says annoyed.
"Do you miss her?"
"Of course I do! She's my daughter. Aeron's decision to live with Ashura made me ill. I hope she's fairing well...In school studies and in combat."
"I miss Iladri too."
"But Iladri could walk through the door at any moment to greet you. The only way mine will is sword in hand. She's upset about what happened to Discord, and honestly I dont blame her."
"You still hate him, dont you? What about Chiie?"
"I love her, but Im so angry. Sin said he'd take any consequence for their actions, so when I find something I want to take out on her I'll etch it into his flesh instead." Gabriel says wetting his hair in the water.
"What about you? Do you hate us all?" he asks Mira curiously.
"No...I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later. This time around though, you've helped me through the pain I've felt."
"You've always been kind to me Mira, theres no reason for me to treat you any differently." Gabriel replies and the woman leans down and in a gesture of good faith she kisses him softly on the lips.
"It still feels so strange." Gabriel says touching his lips briefly after they part.
"I know what you mean, but who says we cant enjoy ourselves as they enjoy themselves?" Mirage says and Gabriel laughs.
"I dont dislike your company." "Does he...touch you anymore?" Gabriel asks curiously and Mirage blushes unwilling to answer at first.
"Im sorry, I shouldnt have asked that. You dont need to answer."
"Yes, more so than ever now. I think its because he's trying to divide his attention between the two of us. Im surprised he hasnt come to you yet. Do you still sleep with Chiie?" Mirage asks curious.
"Occasionally, but for the most part we just sleep. Her passion is with Sin now, he's new and exciting for her I think. And Im not Sin's type, but we're in here bitching like old women!" Gabriel shouts and the two of them laugh.
"They've asked the both of us to come along, I think we're just too conservative for that." Mirage shrugs. "I think she's just feeling guilty, and you're just making it awkward."
"Do you hate him?" Gabriel asks and Mirage shakes her head.
"No, but Im still angry. I want him to pay for what he's done, for how he's humiliated me."
"Anything you have in mind? I'll do it."Gabriel asks willing to do anything for Mirage.
"Humiliate him, but dont kill him or hurt him otherwise. I'll feel better knowing hes been forced into servitude like he expects from us."
"Remind me never to make you angry." Gabriel says giving her a smile as he turns to face her in the water. The newblood crawls out of the bath over Mirage so that she has no choice but to lay back to keep from getting knocked over. Gabriel hovers over her naked and wet as she lays on the stone around the bath flat on her back. Mirage blushes as her eyes trail up his body. She tries to probe his mind but he's cleared his thoughts, something he's been working to perfect lately.
Gabriel leans down placing a passionate kiss on her lips as he runs a hand up the side of her body resting a moment on her breast before traveling up to the side of her face. He places a hand on her cheek making her look him in the face.
"Dont worry, all in good time." he says rolling off of her and grabbing a towel to put around his waist.
"Im not some kind of monster." he adds before closing the door behind him.
Mirage sits up and turns to the side looking off into the distance at the door, her heart pounding.
"Its hard to believe you are anything like the old Noruyi. I was told, keep you close and you will not turn... When it comes to this, how am I not convinced?"Mirage asks herself thinking about the newblood.
"Maybe he's different, maybe he wont be evil, maybe we wont need to kill him...I wish I could read his thoughts. I wish I could know for sure...Noruyi."

Gabriel walks into the bedroom where Sin and Chiie are. Chiie is on top of Sin on the bed the two completely exposed. When the two of them hear the door open Chiie tries to cover herself. Sin rolls over and pulls the covers up over the two of them. Gabriel sits in a chair across from the bed.
"Dont mind me, go ahead and finish." Gabriel says crossing his arms and legs, leaning back in the chair.
"Gabriel!" Chiie shouts embarrassed.
"Its Noruyi now, I need to get used to that name after all."
"I cant continue with an audience." Chiie says to Sin blushing.
"Chiie, thats not fair." Sin pouts and Chiie tries shoving him off.
"Please, continue. Im not watching." Gabriel says and Sin growls.
"You cant just be in here for no reason!" Chiie shouts peeking out of the covers.
"I need to talk to Sin."
"Sure you dont want to join, Noru?"Sin asks and the dark haired man shakes his head.
Sin shrugs and continues to move in and out of the woman who protests underneath him.
"This is weird Sin stop!" Chiie shouts and Gabriel chuckles.
"Now you know how me and Mira have felt all morning hearing the two of you in here." Gabriel says and Chiie blushes.
"Jealous?" Sin asks and Gabriel shakes his head.
"Not in the slightest."
"I dont understand how the two of you can just carry on a casual conversation!"
Sin chuckles as Gabriel makes his way over. The elder demon pushes back the covers to reveal the two of them and Gabriel pulls the chair over to the edge of the bed crossing his legs in the seat of the chair looking forward at the couple.  
"You like that dont you? They way he moves his hips?" Gabriel asks and the woman sighs.
Gabriel starts massaging her breasts and the woman arches her back into his hands.
"You enjoy my hands and lips on you, dont you?" Gabriel asks and the woman wets her lips.
"You're going too slow Sin, thats whats taking so long." Gabriel instructs and the elder man looks up at him annoyed.
"I dont need your counsel Noru."
"I thought you'd say that." Gabriel replies before running a hand between the woman's thighs.Gabriel teases her with a hand as Sin thrusts in and out. The woman screams in pleasure the longer it lasts and only comes when Sin does a few minutes later.
Gabriel kisses her cheek before leaning close to her ear.
"If only I could remember what your skin felt like." he says as a whisper causing the upset woman to hurry out the door with little more than a bathrobe on.
"What did you say to her?" Sin asks sitting up and Gabriel shrugs.
"Is it really that important?" Gabriel asks and Sin sits up watching Gabriel close and lock the door.
"It upset her, so its important to me Gabriel."
"Dont call me that!! You've killed everything that once was Gabriel, Sin. You sought to that when you turned me, fucked my wife, and drove my daughter away." Gabriel chuckles mostly out of uncontrollable anger.
"Dont start this now Noruyi, Im not in the mood..." Sin says annoyed as he lays down on the bed.
"You take everything that I once had, and on top of that you want me to be submissive to you? Thats just not going to happen. Matter of fact, I think its time that I reclaim at least one thing that belongs to me." Gabriel says and Sin laughs laying back on the bed not bothering to even move to face him.
"You know whats really funny? The fact that you only gave me one power when I turned. Unlimited regeneration. You know why thats so funny?" Gabriel asks and Sin waves him off with a hand.
"Why Noru?"
"Because most slayers that turn cant use their holy power because it would kill them if they tried, but because of your generous gift I can."
"We already determined we are evenly matched Noru. So it really doesnt matter."
"Doesnt it, Dimitri?" Gabriel asks and Sin shoots up from the mattress.
"Where did you hear that?" Sin asks and Gabriel chuckles,
"It doesnt really matter does it? The point is I have your name now and I can use it in line with my holy power to make you do whatever I want. I would suggest being nice to me, of your own free will...Or I can make you do it the hard way." Gabriel says and Sin growls.
"You son of a bitch." Sin says calling Gabriel's bluff.
Rain pounds outside the manor changing the lighting in the room. Booms of thunder can be heard every so often but it doesnt phase the two demons.
"Straighten up Dimitri, I dont want to have to bend over to talk to you. Go ahead and kneel on the bed." Gabriel says and Sin gets up on his knees and straightens the rest of his body automatically and Sin is dumbfounded that his body moved on its own.
"How did you-?" he asks
"You know, I would have done anything to keep Chiie happy. I would have even mated the two of you out of free will had you just asked me... I would have given the two of you my body if it meant I could keep my wife. She is truly the only thing that I had in this world with the exception of my children. I have no other family, or friends. Mirage is the only one who understands me now, but the two of us are outcast in our own relationship. How selfish are you two?"Gabriel asks and then shakes his head.
"No, Im not going to get into all that, I dont really want you to understand me, or my pain. I just want you to hurt as I do. So instead, I'll teach you a lesson. As I was saying before...Gabriel is dead, and Its time you got to know Noruyi." says the new blood as he smirks evilly.
"Noruyi...You dont have to do this."
"Dont I? Dont I Sin? I'll be damned if you boss me around another second! Im tired Sin, I just want to be loved and accepted and by my own family no less, but thats too much to ask isnt it? So its time I taught you manners. Even if I have to do it the hard way..." he says walking over to the bed putting a knee down on the bed.

"Even if it humiliates you." Noruyi says touching Sin's chin and lifting it up to look into his worried eyes.
"I never really noticed, your eyes are different." Gabriel says looking into them Sin's left eye is white and his right is brown.
"They've been this way the whole time idiot. You're just not very observant." Sin says scowling. Gabriel lets go of his chin.
"I love it when you look at me that way. I can feel your hate. I have to admit, its kind of exciting." Gabriel smiles.
"You're not seri-!" Sin is quieted by Gabriel's mouth on his own briefly before he pulls away. Gabriel snaps his fingers and Sin falls backwards to the bed from imbalance.
"What the hell's wrong with you?!" Sin shouts and Gabriel shoves him down to the bed. The new blood interlocks his fingers with the elder fiend kissing his neck and chest. To Sin's surprise Gabriel is doing well keeping him down with sheer strength alone. Gabriel uses one of his hands to touch Sin's length roughly trying to coax him. Sin tries to sit up and Gabriel wraps a hand around his throat using the leverage to keep him down, Sin moans involuntarily.
"You like that?" Gabriel asks and an embarrassed Sin scoffs before flipping Gabriel over onto his back.
"Im going to enjoy destroying this body of yours." Sin says grabbing onto his hips and rubbing his hard cock against Gabriel.
"Do you not realize how it works by now?" Gabriel asks curiously.
"I can make you do anything I want. Why dont you please both of us while I watch Dimitri?" Gabriel says leaning back as Sin tries to fight the command.  Ultimately he snakes a hand over his chest and lowers his hand to his length before stroking it. Gabriel stares feeling accomplished as Sin has both members back to back stroking them both together.
"How are you doing this?!"
"Its called induction, I use verbal cues to make you do what I want. Its not a very common power among my kind but its something possible with training. William used it for executions. He'd make demon's kill themselves so that he wouldnt have the guilt on his mind. I learned alot from my grandfather."
"But you didnt use a mantra, or cast a verbal spell, I dont see any paper talismans either." Sin protests as he tries his best to stop the effects of Gabriel's last command.
"I dont need all that, I only need your true name to use induction. However, I need to use your name each time I do a command or it wont work. You should put your mouth to work, Dimitri. Its making far too much noise."
Gabriel's knees are pried apart by Sin's hands. The elder fiend takes Gabriel into his mouth sucking hard and moving his tongue around the shaft. Gabriel smirks as he relaxes, his hands behind his head, he looks down at Sin forced to please him. He grabs a handful of Sin's hair helping him along.
After a few minutes the younger man snaps his fingers and Sin removes his mouth but continues to touch himself. "What the hell is your problem!? Making me do something so filthy!" Sin says wiping his mouth with the back of the unused hand. Gabriel chuckles sitting up and watching the show.
"Dont stare at me like that! This is your fault!" Sin shouts breathing heavily as he touches himself. "Why am I still forced to do this? Didnt you snap your fingers?" Sin asks confused panting as he goes.
"Snapping only stops the last action, I have to tell you to stop all actions."
"Im going to-"
"Stop." Gabriel commands and Sin relaxes a bit now that he has mobility back.
"See how that works?" Gabriel asks and Sin nods trying to keep his mind off the throbbing. Sin throws a punch at the younger man but Gabriel catches his wrist pulling his arm behind his back and flipping him over. Gabriel leans over Sin whose face is in the pillow, his wrist forced up his back by the ex-slayer's tough grip. Gabriel puts his body weight on Sin to keep him down as he speaks into his ear.
"I didnt demonstrate my powers for fun Sin, I dont want there to be a misunderstanding. I want you to learn your place with me, and I want you to know the means I could use to do it. You have an option...You can bend to me by your own free will or I will force you down. I wont kill you, but I will hurt you. I will hurt you enough that you beg for death. Luckily this will only be a taste of the pain and humiliation you would suffer should you disobey me." Gabriel whispers seriously as he uses his free hand to stroke Sin's back the man underneath him panting heavily lets a growl of anger cross his lips. Gabriel enters the older man thrusting in and out hard and quick with no regard for the man underneath him. Sin screams with the pain of the initial entrance. It gets worse as Gabriel moves his hips without stopping thrusting so hard that his skin stings and turns a bright red. Sin begins to bleed as he receives the punishment he claws at the bed trying to find a way to escape Gabriel's grasp. Gabriel lets go of Sin's arm using his left hand to hold onto his hip as the right grabs a fistful of his hair. Gabe's claws dig into Sin's skin but that is the least of the elder's problems as he is pulled back onto Gabriel's length by his hair. Gabriel stops completely to Sin's surprise, he breathes easier for a moment laying there on the bed with his face buried in the shredded sheets, exhausted.
Gabriel grabs Sin's upper arm rolling him over by force. Sin doesnt have the strength to fight him anymore the pain wracking his whole body.
"W-what now?" Sin asks swallowing hard.
"I want to see your face." Gabriel says prying Sin's legs apart before entering him again this time slower than before. Sin tries to push Gabriel back to no avail he bears the pain by gritting his teeth. The older man tears up a moment but wipes his face with the back of his hand.
"Stop this...Please..." Sin pleads his voice weak.
"Why should I? Can I count on you to do as I say? Or are you going to try and kill me when you get the chance?" Gabriel asks rubbing the tip of Sin's cock. Sin tries to close his legs but Gabriel is too strong for him in his current state. Instead he lets an involuntary moan slip out.
"The thought crossed my mind." Sin says half joking.
"You cant kill me, Dimitri and you will never conspire to kill me." Sin nods his head in agreement out of the force of the spell. The ex-slayer runs his hand up and down Sin's length as he thrusts, slowly at first. Both his hips and his hand gradually picking up the pace. Sin bites his lip drawing blood as he keeps himself as quiet as possible.
"Are you enjoying yourself? This was meant to be a punishment Sin."
"Please...stop! I cant...take it anymore!" Sin shouts panting and trying as he might to pull off Gabriel's hand from his member or push his hips backwards and away from him.
"You hate and revile me, and now here you are getting off to my touch. Getting fucked by me...ironic isnt it?"
"Oh God Stop Noru, Im going to-" Sin releases after a loud moan escapes his lips. Sin tries to catch it by placing his hands over his mouth but it was too late. Gabriel chuckles at the sound and how cute Sin looks trying not to create a spectacle of himself.
"You're so adorable when you make that face. You should show me that more often." Gabriel teases tracing fingertips over his chest making Sin shiver. The younger man waits leaving himself inside. Sin is impatient, hoping that soon Gabriel will remove his throbbing member when it occurs to him that he is still not satisfied.
"You're still hard as a rock, didnt any of that feel good to you?"
"It was a punishment, Im not trying to get off." Gabriel responds as he tries to pull away from Sin who grabs his arm to stop him from pulling out.
"Order me to finish it."
"Why not?"
"Because if I order you to do it, it will be fake." Gabriel explains and suddenly Sin understands climbing on top of the ex-slayer.
"Order me..." Sin huffs out of breath.
"No." Gabriel says shortly annoyed by the request. Sin buries his face in the bend of Gabriel's neck the hot panting breath making the younger man shiver.
"What do you think you're doing?" Gabriel asks angrily as Sin lowers himself onto Gabriel's length.
"Pleasing you..." he replies moving his hips up and down.
"You'll have to try harder then." Gabriel says embarrassing him purposefully. Was Sin acting okay with this for reputations sake or was he legitimately trying? The newblood sighs as Sin moves up and down on top of him, his hair tickling Gabriel's chest. The shadow demon kisses Gabriel's neck licking and sucking on his earlobe.
"Use my body as you like Noru." Sin whispers into his ear and he cannot contain himself any longer. Gabriel thrusts into him harder than ever before. Sin holds onto the headboard of the bed to stabilize himself as he grinds down onto Gabriel. Sin's body shudders as Gabriel releases into him a feeling that initially makes Sin cringe. The two have trouble catching their breath and halt a moment before Sin lays down next to Gabriel on the bed.
"God, do you fuck her like that?" Sin asks with a laugh as he rolls to face Gabriel, and stops, looking into his eyes. Something about him was the same young boy he knew from watching Chiie grow up. Then there was this thing inside him. Something that screamed hatred, not just for him, but for any wrong he had ever been done. It was strange, intriguing, and also frightening all at the same time. Sin wasnt sure if he wanted to keep his distance or get to know this new Gabriel. One thing was certain, he didnt want to make him angry.
"What made you act that way, at the end?" Gabriel asks curiously and Sin sighs.
"I think I relate to you more now...and if its acceptance, love, and respect that you want. I'll do my best to give it all to you." Sin responds leaning in and pressing his lips to Gabriel's.
      Aeron sits in the dark at the DeCosta mansion. The lightning creating flashes of light in the dark windows of the house. These flashes reveal a house soaked in blood. She sits in the chair as the storm rages on. Lightning flashes across her face. A pale and corpse like figure sits to her left silently with a smile. The figure places his head in her lap and Aeron strokes his hair.
"I hope their soul's suffice for now my love."
"Aeron, your soul is all I need, leave it in my hands and I will be in bliss forever." he says looking up at her from where he kneels next to her chair. She touches the side of his face gently.
"Soon we will leave this place, the nightlands await us. Come my King." Aeron says standing and waving a hand in the air a red portal appearing. Aeron walks through it, Discord close behind.
 Gabriel looks over at a sleeping Sin passed out on the mattress. He doesnt say anything but he tightens a fist until his knuckles turn white, grabbing a robe he goes outside for fresh air.
"Is it too selfish to ask for happiness?"Gabriel thinks aloud sinking to the stairs.
"No, its not. I asked myself the same question." Mirage says sitting down on the stairs next to him.
"I've done what you asked of me. Im glad, he's acting under my orders but I still feel empty." Gabriel explains and Mirage nods in understanding. She hugs the newblood and he returns her gesture.
"Maybe its not Sin causing the void..."Mirage suggests before letting go and walking back inside.  Chiie stands in the doorway watching the two of them before passing Mirage at the door. She hugs Gabriel to herself as tightly as she's ever done and the two sink to the stairs.
"I know you dont want to see me, I know Mirage has filled my place in your heart but cant you forgive me? Cant we love each other again like we did before?" Chiie asks sadly numb to everything crying as she lets go of the man. Trying in vain to clear her face of tears.
"We can never be the same as we were. My role is different now. I am responsible for everyone in the manor and must defend them if I need to. It wont be exactly the same as it was, not now that we are mated to the others. Mirage cannot take your place in my heart Chiie, but she fills the loneliness I feel when you hold Sin at night. Dont leave me, not for anyone or anything. I love you and if I have to share you with Sin so be it. You're all I have left." he says pulling her into a tight hug.
"The happiest I've ever felt was when I began my life with you. I could never leave, because without you Im nothing and I'll just be this empty shell. I dont want what happened to Hex to happen to me. I love you Gabriel no matter what I will always love you. I think it just took me too long to figure that out, and Im sorry." Chiie says and Gabriel hugs her tightly giving her a kiss on the head. The two sit on the stairs of the Lyhe manor. The rain stops suddenly.
MC 3 Chapter 10 Conclusion
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Payne steps into the field of black roses looking around he sees a blur of black and brown pass him. He turns and realizes its Aeron and Discord and takes off running ring in hand.
"Aeron!" Payne shouts and Discord stops putting Aeron down and standing infront of her.
"Who're you?" Discord asks and Payne opens his hand.
"Andy?" Aeron asks curiously.
"Name's Payne, I was her brother's guardian. Your father did a release on us Aeron, and wanted me to give you this so we could summon you back. The spell Im using is temporary, so put this on and dont take it off okay? Its your ticket home."Payne says and Aeron takes the ring putting it on her thumb.
"Thats good to hear, now we can get you out of here and back with your family." Discord says with a smile.
"I dont want to go, not without you, and not without knowing my Mom and Sin are okay." Aeron says and Payne shrugs.
"I dont know where they are, but they will do a separate summoning for them. I cant tell you when it will happen because I dont know, just be ready to go at any moment." Payne says and Aeron nods. A pale woman with long blonde hair tied back out of her face and solid black eyes makes her way to them in the field. She wears a white corset, with a white see through skirt, and no shoes on her feet. She giggles as she looks at the three of them. The markings under her eyes are pitch black and form an upside down L under her eyes.
"Malady..." Discord whispers in disbelief before handing Aeron off to Payne.
"Get her out of here!" Discord says and the two take off. The woman moves closer to Discord who swallows hard, sweat beading on his brow.
"Its been along time Discord, The Black Queen's been looking for you for some time. Now you leave her to chase after a little slayer girl? How'd she get here Discord? Why is she here?" Malady asks and Discord refuses to answer. Malady begins to float a black smoke surrounding her feet and legs. She flexes both her arms and blades come out of the back of her wrists.
"This is your chance, give up the girl and Hoshimi will take you back as her King."
"I left her for a reason. Im done with all the killing and the torture. Its not what I want." Discord says balling up his fists.
"Then die!" Malady shouts as she lounges forward.

Payne and Aeron stop at a black cliff on the outskirts of the city of the fiends where the field of black roses begins. Discord didnt want to be caught and fled the vicinity of the city with Aeron, this puts them in even more danger of being noticed.
"We cant leave him out there...Payne, is there anything we can do?" she asks wringing her hands worriedly.
"We have to trust that he'll be okay." Payne says sadly as they both look out into the distance to see the booms and clashes of power in the field.
"Discord..." Aeron utters looking out into the field. Payne begins to fade.
"Shit! I dont have much time left. Come on man!" Payne shouts and Aeron puts her hands on the rock.
"Summon Riddle Cat!" she shouts and Riddy mews popping up in his cat form.
"Dont worry Payne, Riddy will protect me. I'll wait here until he returns and then we'll go find my mom." Aeron says as reassurance.
"You're a tough kid. He's lucky." Payne says as he fades from view.
"Lets go Riddy! Discord needs us!" Aeron says summoning her whip sword. Riddy bends down for Aeron to get on his back and takes off running back in the direction they came. Malady has Discord pinned down under her bare feet. One foot on his throat.  
"Give up! You wont hurt me, so just die already!" Malady shouts and Discord lays there under her foot with his hands on her ankle.
"Discord!!" Aeron shouts jumping off Riddy's back her whip sword out cutting Malady across the face.
"You little brat!" she shouts picking herself up from the roses as Riddy pulls Discord to his feet. Discord is cut in several places his shirt in shreds. Aeron begins using her powers of consecration. Aeron holds out a hand to the side of her body, she spins and a magic circle forms underneath her feet. Aeron's slayer armor appears. Spiked shoulder pads and metal plates cover her arms and body. She sheathes her sword and slams her hands down on the magic circle blowing Malady back. Discord shields his eyes from the light but is otherwise unaffected. Aeron looks up at Malady and is unable to control the anger she feels.
"Age of Enlightenment!" She shouts pulling out her sword and making a sweeping motion with it the end blade grows and breaks off of the sword cutting Malady in half and disintegrating her corpse. The field is scarred by her holy magic. Aeron huffs out of breath she drops to a knee exhausted.
"Its okay Riddle Cat, Im stable and I'll take care of her." Discord says and Riddy mews before leaving in a puff. Discord walks over to Aeron and puts a hand on her shoulder.
"Are you okay? Dont strain yourself on my behalf." Discord says helping her up into a stand.
Aeron hugs him tightly.
"Im just glad youre okay! I saw the energy blasts coming from the two of you and I was worried. Who was she anyway?" Aeron asks and Discord shakes his head.
"Someone I went way back with."
"Oh god! Did I kill one of your friends?" Aeron shouts pushing back from him upset.
"No, no...She's been trying to kill me for years. Thing is I vowed not to kill anymore, so she's been hoping that one day I'd slip up." Discord chuckles.
"Thank you, but you really shouldnt have come back for me, Im no good after all." Discord says dropping down on one knee holding his bleeding side.
"Discord! You're bleeding!" Aeron shouts pulling off the scraps of his shirt and healing him.
Discord winces and Aeron stops briefly.
"Im not hurting you am I?" Aeron asks and Discord shakes his head.
"No, it just hurts in general. Holy magic doesnt work on me." Discord replies laying back on his elbows.
"Why is that? I mean everyone else is weak against it." Aeron asks confused.
"Well, you know how I said that me and Despair were tested on? It was this old guy, his wife, and kid. They came from a pretty prestigious slayer family and they tested holy weapons on us. Eventually you get to where it doesnt work on you anymore. Like building an immunity to an illness. Despair ended up breaking out one night and killed most of them on the day they were trying to seal her into Lukas. The wife and kid got away and sealed her. The young boy banished me since he couldnt kill me. Now the only thing that im not immune to is fiend power." Discord explains as Aeron finishes up. She notices that he's pierced in a couple places under his shirt and blushes backing up.
"Sorry about the shirt, I dont normally show my skin to people since it reminds me of those slayers. They didnt just test weapons on me, especially the older woman. You know you're power reminds me of them in a way. I mean they were pretty strong. Despair had never used her full form until and since then, at least not that I know of." Discord finishes.
"I wish I could remember the name of the family. It was something weird like another word for fake or something. The boys name was Lucion I remember that. He was a little sicko." Discord says laughing it off.
"Lyhe? Lucion Lyhe?" Aeron asks and Discord lays back.
"That sounds right... How do you know them? Wouldve been before your time."
"Lucion was my grandfather. Nicholas and Rachel are my great grandparents...Nicholas left the spell in the book I used to get here. I had no idea they were like that. You see they all died way before I was born." Discord sits up to look at Aeron.
"Dont feel guilty Aeron, you didnt know them or that they'd do something like that." he says and the girl starts to tear up.
"I dont feel guilty I feel responsible! Its my family that caused everyone so much pain."
Discord wraps the girl in a hug and pushes her bangs back from her face kissing her forehead.
"Is there something I can do to fix this for you? Something you want or need? I can get you out of the nightlands! Anything just name it!"
"No worries, love. I'll tag along, but you really dont need to give me anything. Just going through all this with you has been more excitement than I really need." He says with a smile.
"You can...use me...if you want." Aeron blushes and Discord backs up.
"Aeron, you're only a child, and my misfortune has nothing to do with you." Discord says as he tries to convince her.
"Im not a child! I know what Im doing and what Im willing to do for you." she says upset.
"Hoshimi is my mate, but she is a ruthless tormentor and killer. I fled the black castle because this was something I couldnt handle. If I even get to leave the nightlands...Im still the Black King. I'd only put you in danger if we were together."
"I understand..." Aeron says hanging her head but Discord lifts up her chin.
"I would wait for you, and once you're old enough...the two of us could do things that would make your ancestors cry." Discord laughs and Aeron shakes her head unable to control her embarrassment.
"Until then I hope this will suffice..."Discord trails off putting a hand to her neck giving her a brief kiss on the lips. When he removes his hand a black pact seal remains.
"Whats this?" Aeron asks touching the seal.
"Its a pact seal, this is another way fiends mark their mates. Its much like your human engagement."
"Now," Discord starts, clearing his throat as he stands.
"Malady told me where they are keeping your mother, and Sin is with her." Discord says helping her up.
"Im going to meet your current mate after all huh?"Aeron asks and Discord shudders.

Inside the black cells Sin has Chiie backed up against the bars away from the other two in the cell.
"Dont tell me you found a new priestess." Rage says and Wrath chuckles.
"What you thought you killed me?" Wrath asks. Chiie pushes Sin aside.
"Im not Miruka! Im her descendant! I've not killed yet, but dont make yourself my first!" Chiie shouts holding an ice spear ready to fight.
"Now I understand why you turned her." Wrath chuckles circling the girl.
"Chiie you might get the practice you need after all." Sin says as Wrath spins around and tried to backhand Sin. Sin grabs his wrist as he dodges and punches him in the kidneys bringing up a knee to his chest not once but twice before Wrath counters by putting a hand down to catch his knee and flipping Sin on his back. The sudden movement behind her grabs Chiie's attention and while she's distracted Rage grabs her shoulders kneeing her in the back. As Chiie comes down from the initial blow she throws an elbow backwards making him let go. The woman spins around and flings both arms out to her sides using her full form without really knowing what it was. Her skin turns a very pale blue and ice forms around her wrists, breasts, and acts as a covering for her thighs. Ice crystals form wing like protrusions from her back. Rage growls and changes his teeth coming out like a piranha and his claws grow inches out. Chiie shoots ice spears from her wrists that Rage either dodges or knocks away effortlessly. Rage tries to tackle her but Chiie side steps and shoves an icicle through his back and out his chest. Rage knocks her on her back angrily and in pain. Chiie's wings crack and she looks up at them. Rage has his claws out he stomps down on her stomach knocking the wind out of her before straddling the woman his hands around her throat. Chiie breaks off a piece of her wing and drives it into Rage's neck watching him bleed out. She gets some of his blood in her mouth and her eyes glow red as she licks it off her hands. She grabs Wrath off of Sin and throws him into the cell wall across from them.
"Ch-Chiie?!" Sin asks coughing. Wrath gets up and tries to charge the two but Chiie has thrown up a thick ice wall to keep him on his side of the cell.
"Why was it again that you killed him?" Chiie asks catching her breath.
"Because he's the reason I cant control my full form! He made me kill the Aremont clan and rape Miruka. It was actually an accident that I killed him, but I dont know why he's here this isnt an afterlife or anything. Someone would have had to try to bring him back and it either failed or he was banished." Sin replies holding his side.
"Did a bang up job on you huh?" Chiie asks as Wrath can be heard chipping away at the ice with his fists.
"Yeah and our victory is short lived too. He's trying to break it down." Sin says holding his sore side.
"Guess its a good thing we got here when we did."Discord says looking in on the two of them. Aeron waves and Chiie and Sin both run to the bars relieved.
"Mom! Sin! This is Discord." Aeron says introducing them.
"How are we supposed to get out?" Chiie asks and Discord smiles.
"Easily, Gabriel and Mirage know we're here. They are readying your summons. But we do need to get you out of this cell before he breaks free dont you think?" Discord says.
"Back up Aeron." he commands and the girl does so. Discord runs at the bars and a purple portal opens up getting him into the cell. He quickly grabs the arm of Chiie and Sin's shirt pulling them back through the portal as it closes. Wrath breaks through the ice and slams his hands against the bars.
"Bastard! I'll kill you!" Wrath shouts. Chiie hugs Aeron and then hugs Sin.
"What will Miruka say when she sees you Sin? She's here waiting for you." Wrath laughs backing away from the bars. Sin swallows hard out of nervousness.  
"Lets get outta here!" Chiie shouts and the four of them run back to the main room of the Black castle stopped by Hoshimi.
"Di, how could you betray me? How could you show your face here after what you've done!!"Hoshimi shouts. She becomes increasingly more angry when she sees the mark on Aeron's neck.
"You marked her? She's a slayer Di!" Hoshimi shouts and Discord blows her a kiss.
"What can I say, I have an affinity for younger women." Discord chuckles and Sin and Chiie look at each other in shock.
"No worries, I havent touched her." Discord says and the older woman relaxes.
"You're fight is with me, not them. Let them go Hoshimi." Discord says and the Black Queen laughs.
"Not hardly! You'll all be dying today!" she shouts bringing out her whip. Hoshimi spins her curled pigtails dropping as she swings her whip over her head. Before it lands on Discord, Aeron holds up her sword catching the whip and pulling Hoshimi forward the Queen losing her balance and falling to her knees. Aeron stops her sword at Hoshimi's neck and Discord is shocked.
"Aeron! When did you become so violent?" Chiie asks and Sin smiles seeing that she's finally awakened as a slayer. Aeron turns to look at her mother sword still out. Hoshimi, angry and humiliated, takes this opportunity to knock her down and come at Discord with claws out. Aeron slides back but catches herself on her hands and knees. Two men and a woman appear at Hoshimi's side in a burst of black flame. The woman looks exactly like Chiie with the exception that she is wearing a long black dress and her hair is black and laying down. She has an orange mark under her left eye. Next to her is a man that looks exactly like Gabriel with a red button up shirt and black tie. He takes the tie off letting it drop to the floor an air of arrogance about him. On the other side of the woman is a more feminine man with long purple hair tied back into a pony tail. He wears a hooded cloak which he promptly removes, underneath is a pale shirtless chest and black pants. Sin, Chiie, and Aeron look on at the trio confused. Discord grits his teeth.
"Since when did you team up with those three Hoshimi? Coward..."Discord says annoyed by the scene of them.
"I needed extra assurance when you left. Lucion, Hex, and Aku gave me that assurance."
"M'Lady, allow us to take care of them." says the man in the red button up.
"Dont kill Discord, Noruyi, just injure him." Hoshimi says and the others look between themselves.
"Aeron you need to make some distance. Go ahead and leave." the girls mother says motioning her toward the door. Discord nods too letting her know its okay. Aeron tries to run but Aku catches her holding onto her.
"Aeron!" Chiie shouts running toward her daughter, but Hex stops her the two trading punches.
"Dont worry, I wont have her killed, yet. I want to do it myself." Hoshimi giggles.
Lucion runs at Sin sweeping his leg, which Sin jumps over. As the mimic fiend lands he opens a portal underneath them so that they go through the floor. The begin to fall from the ceiling and Sin slams him into the floor backing up. The distraction makes Hex look and the newblood uses the opportunity to punch her in the jaw knocking her back. A paper talisman drops from the ceiling blowing everyone back but Aeron and Discord. Miruka stands in priestess robes looking on at Hoshimi as the smoke clears.
"Mom?" Aeron asks confused by the three women in the room.
"Miruka?" Sin asks and the woman turns to look at the fiend.
"Hello Sin." Miruka says before turning back to look at the others.
"Sin? He's dead...I killed him years ago." Lucion says confused but on guard looking at the strange assembled group.
"Aeron, Do you think you can use your consecration here?"Miruka asks and the girl nods. Miruka and Aeron stand side by side. They hold both hands out and slam them down on the floor.
"Rain of blood!" Miruka shouts and dark acidic rain comes down from a portal in the ceiling burning those outside of the magic circles.
"Tears of the Saint!" Aeron shouts a blue power comes from the floor and creates a purifying beam the two attacks injure the three newcomers as the others fall back to avoid it. The two slayers stand up both huffing. Aeron's ring glows and a portal opens up around her made of white light.
"Aeron!"Sin and Chiie shout at the same time.
"Dont worry, they are using the ring to summon her, its safer for her this way." Discord says as the portal engulfs her. Aeron grabs ahold of Discord's arm as the portal closes the two disappearing.
"We can only hope that Gabriel hurries to summon us back." Chiie says to Sin who is staring down Miruka and Lucion.
"Gabriel? He's dead too." Hex says confused, she looks at Lucion then back at the other two women.
"Love, they cant be talking about the same people." she says and Miruka straightens.
"Lucion's figured it out." Miruka thinks to herself nervously.
"Who are these impostors?" Aku asks offended.
Hoshimi lets out an angry roar.
"You idiots! You let the two people I really wanted dead to get away! Go get them and bring them back to me! Or should I go myself?"Hoshimi asks and Aku opens a portal.
"No my Queen, we will fetch them and dispose of these annoyances."he says coolly.
The group walks through the portal leaving Sin, Chiie and Miruka there in the Black Castle waiting to be summoned by Gabriel.
"Did you notice anything strange about those three? I swear that woman looked just like you Chiie." Sin says thoughtfully.
"Its true, The three of you should not have met the three of them."Miruka explains and Chiie is confused.
"But why? Who are they?" she asks walking over to get her answer.
"They are from another time frame." Miruka explains briefly.
"Time...frame?" Sin asks confused.
"Well, you see...Time is normally a straight line. An event occurred in your timeline that made the straight line turn into a 'V'. When this happened, there were two separate lives based on the outcome of the event. One outcome is you and your lives now the other is them." Miruka begins.
"If the flow of time has become a 'V' due to a mysterious event we dont know, then shouldnt the two timelines never cross each other? Why have we met then?" Sin asks and Miruka nods.
"Because they ended up in a plane of existence where time doesnt matter. The nightlands is outside the realm of time. So something happened in their timeline that made them abandon that reality and come here. The same thing happened in your timeline and so the two groups have now crossed paths. This turns the 'V' into a diamond." Miruka explains.
"But if they leave this realm then they should hypothetically return to the timeline they abandoned right? Like if we were to leave we'd go back to our time." Chiie says to check her understanding, but Miruka shakes her head.
"Not entirely, from this space they could potentially go to your reality. Just as you could to theirs." Miruka explains.
"We dont have any need to go there we need to get back to our time!' Sin shouts and Chiie nods.
"What do we do now?! We're stuck here while those four are after my daughter!"Chiie shouts in anger.
"Theres nothing we can do from here, we need to find a way out. Is there anyone waiting on you two out there?" Miruka asks turning around to face them.
"Gabriel, he was trying to summon Aeron, and once she is home safely he was going to try and do the same for us." Chiie explains and Miruka sighs.
"Good, that means any moment now..." Miruka replies and just as she does another portal opens and the three waste no time running through it.

When the three make their way through the portal they stand shocked at the scene. Hex holds up a blood soaked hand tears streaming down her face.
"How do me?" Lucion asks as a fountain of blood pours from his chest.
"You didnt tell me he was alive! Even if he's not the right one Lucion!" Hex shouts hysterically and Aku pulls her arms back retracting into the corner of the room.
"How weak you are Hex! Why dont the two of you return from where you came? I'll handle this!"Hoshimi shouts walking forward stepping over Lucion's body. Gabriel holds onto Aeron and steps back protecting the girl.
"Gabriel! Aeron!" Chiie shouts in surprise and Discord looks back at her.
Hoshimi charges claws out and Discord stops her grabbing her wrists holding them.  
"Let go of me Discord!"
"You truly mean to protect this baby and the rest of this dysfunctional lot?"Hoshimi asks Discord giving her a nod.
"How dare you?!"she asks and Discord shoves her back trying to avoid hurting her. Hoshimi summons her whip and cracks it trying to wrap it around Discord's arm instead he dodges the blow by briefly turning into a puff of purple smoke. As the whip comes down through the air Discord grabs it and wraps it around his hand pulling Hoshimi down infront of him.
"You know...We've had enough of your reign, I think its time I end it." Discord says and Hoshimi looks up at him with frightened eyes. Discord raises his hand as if to strike and Hoshimi flinches.
"Wait! What if I was to relinquish my power, and title? I dont want to die Discord, but if you showed me mercy I would relinquish my power and title and live out my life in the nightlands in peace." she offers and Discord nods.
"I could honor that, as long as you stay true to what you have said."Discord says and Hoshimi nods.
"Just for sentimental reasons, can we close this agreement like we used to? We were mates after all." Hoshimi says with a blush and Discord nods. Hoshimi leans in to hug the man and sticks a dagger through his stomach. Discord spits out blood and Aeron screams in horror.
Aeron's eyes become wide as she cant even comprehend what has just happened.
"Discord!!!!"She shouts and shoves her father backwards taking his sword with him.
"I'll heal you!" Aeron says determined as she begins putting her hands to his wound.
"I think its too late this time, The wound's too big for you to heal." Discord says.
"Its kinda funny. I escaped the nightlands and Hoshimi, found a girl I'd spend the rest of my life with, and died all in the same week." Discord says choking.
"No you cant do this to me!!!" Aeron shouts holding his hand.
"Kae! Despair shouts seeing her brother for the first time in decades.
Despair turns into her full fiend form using her Nightwalker blade for the first time since she got it back from Arafena. The blade glows purple as she readies it for battle. Despair runs Hoshimi through with it twisting the blade twice to ensure it hurts and does the most damage. Hoshimi vomits vast quantities of blood before collapsing on the floor.
"My true Kael. It has been an honor to make this journey with you Aeron." he smiles touching her face, smearing his blood on her skin. His body fades turning into black and purple butterflies.
"Kael!" Aeron cries out in agony. One of the butterflies flit down next to her landing on her forehead as she stares up at the ceiling.
The butterfly disappears and Despair holds the hysterical girl. Chiie's eyes are saddened by what has happened but Despair takes her into another room so that they may mourn safely and in peace. Hoshimi, Discord, and Lucions bodies have all completely disappeared all the way down to the blood stained carpet underneath them. Gabriel, Chiie, Sin, and Mirage look at each other stress wreaking havoc on all of them. Aku, Hex, and Miruka are ready to give up their run at trying for a normal life at this time.
"Can someone explain this shit to me?!"Gabriel shouts frustrated.  

"Aeron, its alright." Despair says and Aeron pushes her off.
"No! Its not okay!" she shouts and Despair grabs her arms.
"Aeron he's not dead." Despair reassures the young woman putting a hand on her shoulder.
"You're mark is still there, and Kael never told you who he truly was did he?" Despair asks
"He said he was the Black King. But I didnt see him fight, except at a distance. He was taken down so easily by Hoshimi." Aeron says sadly.
"He's regenerating. Im not sure how long it will take him this time, but the last time this happened the nightlands elected a new leader and Kage took over. When he died his daughter Hoshimi succeeded him. Discord returned and took her as his mate so he could reclaim his throne. Now that she's gone and he is too they will choose another. Then when he is done regenerating he will come and claim you and his rightful place." Despair says and Aeron tries to calm herself.
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because I know my brother and to mark a mate is a most sacred bond for our kind. Its proof that he will come back for you and that he cares about you. Otherwise he wouldnt have given you his name. Those who have our true names hold complete control over us. We never give it out unless we truly trust someone. Plus he's one of the five balance members." Despair says and Aeron sniffles but ultimately stops crying.
"Okay, I'll wait then." Aeron says trying to muster a smile.
"Where are we?" Aeron asks looking around the black halls unfamiliar with the place.
"This is your new home, the Lyhe manor."Despair explains and Aeron looks around in wonder.
"I'll show you around, maybe it will take your mind off some of the pain?" Despair asks as the two walk off into the halls.
MC 3 Chapter 9
Story and Characters belong to Chaye Maples

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The living room is lit up with candles all around Andrade lays naked in a pallet on the floor in the center of the room. A sheet is draped over him to preserve some of his decency. Mirage, Destiny, Iladri and Gabe complete the cast for this nightmarish show.
"How exactly does this work?" Andrade asks as Gabriel pulls out and cleans a long thin bladed athame from a black and purple case on the floor.
"As you can imagine Im going to use this on you." Gabriel begins and Andrade swallows hard nervous. Before Gabriel can get another word out edge wise Despair stands horrified at the bottom of the stairs.
"What are you doing?!" she screams running over to Gabriel and trying to wrestle the athame from his hands.
"Despair stop! I asked for this!" Andrade shouts shooting up into a sit position.
Despair lets go of Gabriel and hugs Andrade close to her body.
"Do you know what this will do to you? It will hurt Andy, it doesnt always work, and its possible it could scar you for life." Despair says crying for the first time in years.
"Despair, Im tired of being useless. Im not a powerful slayer, my fiend and I have no connection yet if I dont free him I cant get my mother or sister back. If I dont do this Aeron could die. She's been protecting her big brother for so long...Its time I did something for her."
"And what about the pain?"
"Physical pain is temporary, and If I can endure it long enough to accomplish my goal then I will do it over and over again if I need to. Payne has the right to be happy, as I have the right to be normal again."
"What if it doesnt work?"
"I trust my father. He's powerful and he cares for me. He will follow through for me." Destiny shifts uncomfortably where she sits next to Andy. Shes upset and doesnt want to think of the consequences.
"Andy..." Despair says tears welling up in her eyes.
"We'll do this together!" Despair says with a new resolve.
"You know that to do a release I will have to do it on Lukas' body, right?" Gabriel asks knowing that Lukas will panic as soon as he sees the blade. Despair nods.
"He wants this too, and this will be your first release, huh Gabriel? So we dont know if it will work or not. But if Andy is sure, then I am sure." Despair says before disrobing and making everyone look away in embarrassment. Gabriel lays down another pallet for Despair and Mirage hands the fiend a blanket to cover with. Despair covers her lower half before shutting her eyes to make the transition for Lukas easier. She changes letting Lukas take over the body with his eyes still closed.
"Mirage, Gabriel, is there a way that you can block my hearing?" Lukas asks.
"No, however we can coach you through it by using telepathy. I would need access to your mind." Mirage says and Gabriel protests.
"No, Mirage I need you here incase something happens."
"Then Iladri...Would you help Lukas?" Mirage asks
"I will do everything in my power to help both of you." Iladri says with a smile.
"Can either Payne or Despair heal?" Iladri asks and Lukas shakes his head.
"Despair can only drain life force." Lukas explains
"Payne brought my mother back to life...Im sure he can heal." Andrade says but Gabriel sighs
"Bringing someone to life and healing their wounds is very different. I can heal minor wounds, but my power will be focused on doing the release. Even if Payne does heal your wounds Andrade, there is the matter of Lukas. He cant heal you both at the same time. We could lose one of you." Gabriel explains and that is when Destiny pipes up.
"I-I will heal Andrade!" she says her face red hot as Andy grabs her hand in his own.
"Can you do that Destiny? I thought your powers were of earth?" Gabriel asks curiously.
"Destiny is a mimic just as her father is. If she has been hit with or shown a power, then she can replicate it easily. She chooses to use earth as her style." Mirage explains.
"I will leave my body in your hands then." he says with a smile and Destiny feels her heart skip.
"Alright let us begin." Gabriel says as he sits down by the feet of the two boys, Mirage at their heads. Destiny on Andrade's left and Iladri on Lukas' right.
Mirage begins to clean and ready all the instruments as Gabriel begins to open the enchantment with his mantras. Iladri uses her power to gather the thought waves of herself, the vessels, and their fiends.  

Iladri turns around in the black space looking away from the naked four.
"I suppose sheets dont follow you into your thoughts hmm?" Payne says with a laugh.
"It doesnt matter to me, I get naked for a living." Lukas says crossing his arms after a short laugh.
"Whatever we have to do to get this done, I'll do it." Andrade says and Payne nods in agreement.
"You're not in the least bit excited Payne?" Despair pouts and he turns away from her.
"Dont even think about it, Im taken." he says turning up his nose at her.
The chanting can be heard inside the blackness. Lukas falls to his knees feeling ill. Iladri kneels putting her hands on his shoulders to calm him.
"I cant! I cant do this! I can hear them! I can feel it! It hurts!" Lukas shouts holding his stomach and doubling over.
"They havent started Lukas, they are only chanting now...You wont feel it, not in here, not with us."Iladri reassures and Lukas begins to panic.
"Have they told you Andy? Have they told you what they do?!" Lukas shouts holding his stomach. Andy's throat feels tight and he shakes his head unable to utter a sound.
"They cut open your flesh and feed your blood to your fiend as an offering, once they appease the fiend they mark you with their blood. If they dont do the incantation correctly the fiend is not freed to feast on your blood and so they have to sew you back up so you dont bleed to death. Do you know how many times I've been cut open?" Lukas asks and Despair turns away so they dont see the tears welling up in her eyes.
"This will be 13, your mother went through this 6 times. Surely you can handle 1?" Lukas asks and Andy begins to feel guilty for having it so easy. Lukas finally calms down after taking a deep breath. He stands exhaling heavily as he traces his twelve scars on his chest and stomach.
"Where will they put this one?" Lukas asks sadly looking down at his flesh.
"Where did the other scar come from?" Andy asks almost afraid that he opened his mouth.
Lukas touches his chest just over his heart.
"Oh, this? It came from Sin."
"Sin? Why?"Andy questions thinking of any reason he could.
"When Chiie brought Gabby to meet the family we were all shocked that she had married a slayer. You see its very taboo for vessels and slayers to marry. Sin and I fought and he won sticking his claws into Lukas' chest." Despair explains and Andy furrows his brow.
"Then why dont you have the scar Despair?"
"Because Lukas protected me at the last minute. He took the blow and it was the only thing that stopped the fight. Lukas almost died and Gabby patched him up." Despair says looking over sadly at the older man.
"AH! There! There it is again I can hear it!!" Lukas shouts holding his ears under his long blonde hair. The others move next to Lukas to try and support him.
"I cant do this! Not again!" Despair shouts and Iladri stands up slapping her hard across the face. Despair holds her stinging flesh.
"How can he remain calm if you are frightened like a little sheep? You are supposed to protect him! Coward! He needs you! Dont you dare hide!" Iladri shouts anger in her eyes.
"Its just- Ive seen the pain he goes through each time and I cant stop it!" Despair says angry with herself. Payne puts a hand on Andy's shoulder.
"We can handle it, you and I. I can take his pain. Restrain him." Payne says sitting down and the others look confused for a moment but join together to pin down Lukas' arms and keep him down on the floor of the blackness.  Gabriel makes the cut for real and Lukas' body arches upward.
Although hes not feeling the physical pain this time he knows how it feels all too well. Lukas screams and Despair holds his hand.
"Luke!! Its okay!! You'll be fine!" Despair shouts trying to make herself believe it too. Payne traces the red line that forms on Lukas' skin as he does Andy receives a vision from the older man.
Lukas only a few months old is strapped to a table with leather restraints, an old woman with long white hair and grey eyes wipes a blood covered athame.
"All his squirming has caused the wound to become much larger than intended, but Despair didnt take to him. Maybe we didnt cut deep enough?" the woman chuckles turning the blade in her hand before coming downward with it. The cloaked woman chuckles as she sticks the blade down to the hilt into Lukas' skin. He screams in pain and the woman smiles.
"Dont play with him Rachel, either kill him or finish the ritual." says a much younger man from the back. The man looks exactly like Andrades father.
"Aw, but I liked hearing his screams Lucion. Something about the screams of a baby make me shiver."she says licking her lips before yanking the blade up without any regard for Lukas. "Rachel!" He shouts again trying very little to control the woman.
"We need to hurry and finish sealing Despair inside, we cant have that bitch running around after she killed our family."Lucion says to the woman worry across his face.
"Why dont you call me mother anymore Lucion?" The woman asks creating another deep cut into Lukas' skin.
"Because you're just as sick as father was. I wont have anything to do with Nicholas Lyhe." he says turning to the book of spells on the table. Lukas is breathing heavily through the pain, but he's also going in and out of consciousness. His tiny body weak and fragile from blood loss.
Andy blinks heavily looking around the room, he sees the others holding Lukas down and snaps back to reality. Then suddenly gets really ill.
"Nicholas and Rachel Lyhe?" Andy asks and Despair looks up at him and shakes her head.  
"Dont! Dont say their names!" Despair shouts and Andy thinks it over.
"Lucion...Grandpa Lucion? No way..."he thinks and looks over at Lukas who calms as Despair pets his hair.
"Its almost over." she says smiling down at him trying to keep from crying. Lukas stops fighting and so the others drop his limbs.
"Despair, thank you for everything. Im sorry I couldnt give you what you wanted." Lukas whispers out and Despair begins to cry full blast.
"No you idiot! You're the only one that understands me. Stupid human!" Despair shouts cradling him.
"Stupid stupid human, dont you know by now I love you?!" Despair asks and Lukas smiles up at her.
"I know." Lukas and Despair begin to fade from view. The fiend looks over herself and back at Iladri.
"Whats happening?!" she asks worriedly.
"He's losing consciousness somehow. Soon he'll pass out, you too."
"Why?! He's not-?" Despair asks and Iladri shakes her head.
"I dont  know whats happening out there, we just have to trust that Destiny can stop the bleeding until Payne is released." Iladri says sadly and Despair and Lukas both disappear.

Destiny is healing Lukas as quickly as she can to stop the massive amounts of blood thats flooding out. Gabriel finishes the incantation and Destiny begins to calm.
"He's starting to stabilize." Destiny says and the two smile at each other.
"Good to hear." Gabriel sighs.
Footsteps are heard coming down the stairs. Mirage takes the athame, cleans and sterilizes it before handing it back to Gabriel. The two women work on sewing Lukas up.
Gabriel looks down at his son and takes a deep breath, nervous. Ashura looks down on the sight  from the stairs and smirks.
"You dont have what it takes to preform this on your own son Gabriel. Face it, you have to cut into him." Ashura says making his way over to the ritual circle.
"Shut up Ashura, I do and I can take care of Andrade! I'll make him normal. I'll take responsibility for his condition." Gabriel says with an expression of hate across his face. Mirage gives Ashura a look that could kill but the three of them are trying to focus and do the ritual quickly. Mirage finishes sewing up Lukas but Destiny continues healing him so the blood will clot.
"Let me help you brother." Ashura says grabbing Gabriel's hand clutching the athame and bringing it down on Andrade. Gabriel stops it right before it cuts into his flesh.
"Mirage I'll need a new blade, something evil hasnt touched." Gabriel says with a glare as he uses his shoulder to bump Ashura back and away from the circle.
"Evil? Me? Thats a fucking joke!" Ashura shouts still holding Gabriel's wrist.
"You made my son into a vessel! You did this to him! You did this to my wife while he was in the womb! You tried to kill my wife several times and my children! What happened to you Ashura?! We were so close and then all this happened! Why do you hate me so much?! What did I do to deserve this?!" Gabriel shouts honestly not understanding.
"Father told me at a young age that you would do great things. That you would be the one with all the power, and the heir to his legacy. You would be the one to carry on the pride of the Lyhe name! You were weak in heart and didnt want all of that. I wanted it but wasnt strong enough. Father wasted his time on you! But when he died all you had was me. You looked up to me, how smart and strong I was. Then you met her...that fucking bitch! She took you from me Gabriel! She instilled you with the confidence and strength and reassurance that father was trying to give to turn you into the prodigy he wanted. You didnt need me anymore. Then you pushed away our way of live for that whore and her fiends, you became an activist for their kind. You abandoned me and our faith! For what? A woman that destroyed you and cheated on you." Ashura shouts and Gabriel uses his free hand to punch Ashura knocking him down. Gabriel takes the athame and stabs it into his hand pinning him to the wall. Ashura screams out in pain trying to pull it out.  Luci and Elizabeth come down stairs and Luci shoves her out of the way to stop Gabriel.
The younger twin clenches a fist putting it through the wall next to Ashura's head this makes Luci stop knowing she cant stop him. Gabriel takes that hand and begins to choke Ashura the man pinned to the wall now panics feeling as though Gabriel might really kill him.
"I've been in your shadow my whole life, now that you cant control me you want to ruin my life?! What a sorry piece of shit you are Ashura! You're lucky I dont kill you right now! Trying to hurt me, my wife, my friends, my children. We tried to live in harmony but you just wont allow that. I care about you, really I do. But if you breathe in my direction again I will kill you and destroy everything you love, if you are even capable of something like that."
" Get out and if you so much as peek through the windows while Im still here I will fucking rip your head off your shoulders." Gabriel says exhaling shakily due to his anger. Gabriel pulls his athame out of the wall and shoves Ashura toward the door. Luci and Elizabeth follow suit ushering him out. They leave in the car and Gabriel locks the door behind them dropping the blade and wiping Ashura's blood on his clothes. He kneels Mirage hands him another blade.
Gabriel calms down and begins the mantra again cutting Andrade from the top of his navel up 6 inches. The blood pours out onto the pallet as Gabriel continues to chant. Mirage collects the blood necessary for the second step of the ritual and takes the blade from Gabriel cleansing it.
You can see Andrade wince in person as Gabriel continues to let him bleed. Payne materializes standing over Andrade facing Gabriel himself. Mirage gives Payne the blood which he drinks quickly before kneeling at Andy's shoulder. Mirage takes some of Payne's blood as he takes over healing Lukas. Destiny switches gears and begins to heal Andrade, once his internal organs are repaired Mirage helps sew him up. Gabriel continues the mantra as he uses Payne's blood to tattoo a seal into Andrade's shoulder.
"This will keep the two separated." Gabriel says relieved as Iladri comes to as well.
"Payne! You had me so worried!" She shouts hugging him tightly.
"Iladri!" he hugs back without hesitation. Mirage smiles knowing that this is the beginning of a long relationship for the two.  Payne scoops the girl up and Iladri shouts in surprise.
"Mira, Im going to bring back the others and then Im taking my mate and we'll be gone for sometime. I hope you can forgive me." Payne tells her seriously and Mirage smiles.
"I understand, and you are forgiven Payne." Mirage chuckles.
"I'll need your help getting to the nightlands."Payne says and Mirage nods in understanding. "Mirage, use this as your object." Gabriel says taking off his wedding ring and throwing it to her. Mirage catches it and takes the two of them to the other room.

Lukas shoots up into a sit gasping. He touches his skin and feels the new wound. Mirage was diligent in cleaning everything as he was being healed and so there are no blood remnants on his body.
"Despair where is she? Or...Did it not work?" Lukas asks disappointed already knowing the answer.
"Dont look so down Luke, This is the first time I have seen you without looking in a mirror." Despair says from where she stands behind him in the living room.
"Lets get you some clothes huh?" Despair beams and Lukas tries to cover up with the sheet given to him but Despair grabs his hand dragging him upstairs.
"Gonna use some of your clothes Gabby, hope thats cool!" she shouts down to them. Gabriel chuckles and shakes his head.
Lukas grabs some clothes from the closet and begins dressing.
"So Despair, what will you do now that you're free? Whats something you always wanted to do?" Lukas asks buttoning up his shirt.
"Liri." she says and Lukas turns confused.
"Liri? Whats that?" he asks and Despair smiles.
"My real name is Liri, Despair is my fiend name. I want you to call me Liri."
"Liri? Do you still want to be together?" he asks and the female fiend takes his hand fitting her fingers between his. She sighs in what seems like relief before putting her head to Lukas' chest.
"Yes, Im ready to be yours Lukas." she replies listening to his heart. Lukas puts a hand under her chin bringing her face up to meet his. They kiss a long sweet, overdue kiss.

Andrade sits up and looks over at his father rubbing his head.
"So?" Andy asks looking around for Payne.
"He's on his way to the nightlands with a ring that'll bring back your sister. Once she's back safely we'll summon Chiie and Sin." Gabriel says happily. Andrade lets a sigh of relief and hugs his dad briefly.
"Thank you. You dont know how much this means to me dad." Andrade says squeezing his father tightly.
"I have an idea." he says waving him off.

Andrade sits on the back porch in his pajamas when Destiny comes outside. She sits down next to him and grabs his arm.
"Im glad you're awake." she says looking off into the sunrise with him.
"Its thanks to you Dest, I wasnt sure we would make it. But here we are."
"Yes, here we are." she says with a smile not wanting to look at him for fear he will discover her blush.
"I just hope that Payne keeps his word and brings back my family." Andy says hanging his head for a moment.
"My dad's out there too you know!" Destiny says with a huff.
"About that...How do you think your father will take to the idea of you dating a human?"Andrade asks and Destiny shrugs.
"I dont know I've never had to ask him." she replies
"You'll have to ask him when he gets back because I'd really like to know."
"You mean you're-?" Destiny asks completely oblivious.
"Unless you dont want me to." Andy says with a laugh and Destiny shoves him.
"Of course I do idiot!" Destiny says with a blush as she kisses Andy.

Gabriel and Mirage clean up the living room trying to soak up the blood and put away the candles.
"So what now? I mean, Ashura and all." Mirage asks and Gabriel sighs.
"My mother left him this house and so if we were to stop talking there would no doubt be a fight over his property. I would prefer to just take everything and leave before he comes back." Gabriel explains blowing out some candles.
"But where would you all go? Do you have a plan?" Mirage asks trying to help him.
"My grandfather left a will that stated his old mansion should go to the named heir of the Lyhe family. Before my father died he named me heir because of my powers. So technically the mansion belongs to me. We all moved in here because there was so much space."
"Whats the mansion like and where is it?"Mirage asks curiously.
"Its outside of town, it looks like something out of a horror movie. Its fully furnished, but no ones been inside for years so I have no idea if it needs repair or what the inside looks like." Gabriel says and Mirage's throat tightens. If its the mansion she thinks it is she's not sure if she can step inside.
"Why dont the rest of us move in and clean it up while we await Payne's return? Gets us out of Ashura's way and it also gives us something to do to take our minds off all the stress. Its only a waiting game now anyway, theres nothing we can do until Payne gives Aeron the ring. Might as well be productive." Mirage suggests trying to take his mind off of everything.
"That sounds like a good idea. How about we rest for now and then in the morning we start moving everything over?" Gabriel asks and Mirage nods.
MC 3 Chapter 8
Poor Lukas, no wonder he's hated slayers so badly.

Characters and Story belong to Chaye Maples
     Gabriel draws a chalk circle on the  floor in the basement.
"You know this wont work in summoning Aeron if you do it this way..."
"I know, but I need a Plan B. I can at least bring two of them back this way." Gabriel replies thinking about his young daughter.
"Yeah but its the two you hate right now." Mirage adds looking at the book again to see if there are any loop holes. Mirage looks over the spell again and shudders.
"Noruyi, am I truly the only one that remembers?" she thinks as she puts the book down.
"Is there not any way for a slayer to move between planes?" Mirage clarifies.
"No, there wasnt any need to, we spent most of our lives trying to keep things out of this plane. I've never even heard of the nightlands." Gabriel says and shrugs thinking of any other spell books there might be.
"I'll see if my mother left anything, the only other thing I can think of is if Aeron was willing to turn. Then we could bring them all back." Gabriel says sadly.
"You dont want her to have to do that though do you?" he shakes his head.
"Im going to go look up stairs. Let me know if you think of anything." Gabriel says walking up into the main floor of the house. Despair stretches out on the couch.
"Any luck Gabby?" she asks her tank top and matching panties distract him for a moment before he turns away shaking his head a slight blush on his face.
"No, nothing yet. Have you heard anything from Discord?" Gabriel asks as he looks over the old books on the shelf to the left of the basement door.
"He has Aeron and she has summoned a catman. They are looking for shelter now, from what I understand the Queen of the nightlands has a search party out for Chiie." Despair says and Gabriel huffs annoyed.
"You need to let it go Gabriel. How long are you going to stay mad at her?" Despair asks and Gabriel turns shocked at her question.
"She violated my trust, destroyed our marriage and ran off with the man I hate most in this world! You want me to let all that go?" Gabriel asks and Despair nods.
"If you truly love her, yes." Despair says and Gabriel shakes his head thumbing through one of the older spell books.
"Not hardly."
"So its true then? That bitch had it coming, why save them at all?" Ashura asks sitting down next to Despair, Luci sitting down too carrying two books.
"I thought the same thing, but Aeron is with them." Gabriel replies not breaking contact with the book.
"So Chiie and Sin-?" Luci asks meekly
"Yep, the dirty slut slept with the enemy." Ashura says balling up a fist angrily.
"He's Right Luci..." Gabriel says before trailing off.
"He may be right, but she's still your wife Gabby." Despair huffs
"For now. If and when she comes back it may be a different story."
"Well, talk about that among yourselves when she does. Until then they are still out there and in danger. We need to work as hard as possible to get them back. She's still family and the mother to your kids." Luci says crying now.
"Im sorry Luci, its just I never thought in a million years that she would do this to me. Ive been fighting with Sin since we were all in highschool and Ive never trusted him. I finally felt like I could trust him and he even pledged himself to me. Now I have the kids to think about. I was worried she'd be different when she turned. Now...I dont know either of them at all." Gabriel says closing the book in his hands and replacing it on the shelf almost numb to everything now.
"I understand why you're upset, really, but there must be a reason. Chiie loves you, even after what happened to Andrade she continued to love you."
"Luci!" Ashura shouts
"Maybe I've gotten something confused, you know I havent been feeling well lately. I just wanted to bring you these books from our shelf. I think I'll go ahead and go to bed now. Ash you want to come tuck me in?" Luci says with a laugh placing the books on the table before motioning him on as she stands.
"Of course dear." he says before waving to the others.
"Good night all, hope you find what you're looking for." he says before the two of them begin to head upstairs.  Despair looks on at Gabriel confused and the two get up as quietly as they can for as fast as they did. Gabriel and Despair stop at the bottom of the stairs to listen in as the two of them fight behind their closed door.
"Luci! What on earth would make you say that?!"
"I thought you said it was Gabe's idea to make Andy a vessel?"
"I lied obviously! Gabriel has had no clue and you almost opened your damn mouth!" Ashura says a slamming noise makes the two downstairs jump.
"Everything okay up there?" Gabe shouts and theres silence for a minute.
"Yeah I knocked over the lamp up here, no worries though!" Ashura shouts down. The two look at each other almost dumbfounded.
"Mirage was right." Gabriel starts as he makes his way back to the couch.
"Andy was turned into a vessel by Ashura. There's no mistake. No wonder she was distant when Sin left. I was supposed to be her armor and I let her down! Ashura has always had it out for Chiie, and I dont know why moving in with them had made me think it would be better. Then it just got worse. Elizabeth got attacked by Payne creating a wedge between our kids too. Im sure that didnt help Ashura's hatred for fiends either. And now that they have been back its flared everything up!" Gabriel says in a harsh whisper to Despair who nods in agreement.
"You forget too that Chiie may not be the same person as when she was human. She died and came back and then turned after all. Her mindset may be different now." Despair explains and Gabriel shrugs.
"Its possible. She did want me to let him bleed out in the park." Gabriel adds.
"Did you?"
"Of course not! He's my brother, I healed him."
"Did you ever think that, that might be why she did what she did?"
"Because I didnt let him bleed out?" Gabriel is confused.
"No, because your loyalty is with your brother and not your wife, whom you swore to protect."
Gabriel begins to feel guilty.
"Well, we cant do anything with them from here. We'll need to bring them back first." Gabriel says positively as he opens one of the books Luci left and begins searching.
"What will you do about Ashura?" Despair asks and Gabriel sighs.
"I dont know...I thought we were okay. I thought we got over our differences. He hates Chiie for sleeping with Sin, and I cant believe that he would do a sealing on Andrade. When we get the others back I will ask her about it, we'll decide a fitting punishment."

Andrade sits in his room staring at the ceiling tears streaming down his face. Iladri opens the door feeling the sadness from her room.
"Andy? I hope you dont mind, I felt your mood change. Its making it difficult to sleep." Iladri says with a short nervous laugh.
"I-Im sorry Iladri, Its just Im really worried about Aeron and my mom. I feel like Im useless, I cant use my slayer powers and I dont have a good enough relationship with Payne for him to help me. Im just so disappointed in myself. I cant even help my father make a spell or protect my family." Andrade says sadly wiping his face. Iladri goes into the room shutting the door and sitting down next to the young man.
"You're not useless. I think Gabriel and Chiie just wanted you to feel as normal as possible and so they tried to seal away both sides of you. Now they see how important it is to be yourself and so they are allowing you to find it all out for yourself." Iladri explains and Andrade shakes his head.
"Would you like me to talk to Payne?" Iladri asks and Andrade brightens up.
"You'd do that for me?" he asks hopeful.
"Yea of course!" Iladri says turning to face him. The telepath turns to face him as she grabs his hands. Iladri closes her eyes and focuses on Payne's thought wave which she envisions almost immediately. She is suspended in dark space a green light appearing and taking the form of Payne.
"You again?"
"Yes its me, Iladri. I came because Andy is worried about you."
"You do everything Andy says?" Payne asks with a laugh
"No, I was worried too." Iladri says with a blush as Payne closes the gap between them.
"I was just recovering, Healing his mother took alot out of me. Is she ok?"
"We dont know, she was taken to the nightlands. Andy is having alot of trouble coping with all thats going on."
"How so?"
"Well, he just found out you exist. His sister and mother shifted to the nightlands. His family has tried to kill him, he feels like hes disappointing his father, and hes finding it difficult to build a relationship with you. No relationship means no body access for you." Iladri explains and Payne lets an audible huff.
"I want to help you." Iladri says as Payne bridges the gap between them touching Iladri's face.
"How badly do you want to help me girl?" he asks dropping his hand.
"Enough that I would try my best to secure your place among us. Talk to Andy with me, create a relationship with your vessel. Please." Iladri begs.
"Become my mate and I'll consider it." Payne says crossing his arms knowing she will not agree.
"Done." Iladri replies without missing a beat. Payne is shocked by her answer but ultimately agrees. A red light appears in the darkness as Iladri channels Andrade into the conversation.
"This is Payne?" Andy asks and Iladri nods.
"Would you help me find my sister and mother?" Andy continues and Payne shrugs.
"Why should I help someone I dont know? Even if I wanted to I cant do anything from in here. You'd need to do a release." Payne explains and Andy sighs.
"I'll do it, I have no problems with becoming normal and getting on with my life. I just dont know anything about how to be a vessel, and I want to protect them and I cant. You have the power that I dont. Its up to you if you're willing to use it." Andy asks desperate now.
"I've never had a family, or anyone that was willing to show me any kind of kindness. If you release me I will go to the nightlands personally and retrieve them." Payne says and the boy nods.
"I agree to the terms. I'll have my father preform one as soon as possible.
Andy looks behind him as if distracted.
"Someones knocked on the door, I'll leave you two alone." Andrade says his wave length disappearing.
"Were you serious when you agreed to mate me?"
"I was...Should I take it back?" Iladri asks blushing
"No! I mean unless you want to."
"I want to be yours, as long as you arent joking."
"Of course not!" Payne shouts wrapping arms around her shoulders.
"Andy is about to wake up, We'll have to post pone this until you're released." she says with a smile before the two lights flicker off in the darkness.
Andy opens the door to his room as Iladri wakes up. Destiny stands there looking around, she's caught smoothing her hair as he opens it.
"Hey Andy, sorry to bother you, but I couldnt sleep." Destiny says as he steps aside letting Iladri go by him.
"I'll see you in the morning Andy." she says waving as she makes her way back to her room. Destiny is shocked as she walks by, running off.
"Dest! Wait!" Andy shouts running after her. Destiny goes through the window in her room and crawls up to the roof. Andy huffs trying to keep up.
"Dest!!!" he shouts crawling up onto the roof after her. Once he's done pulling himself up he looks around seeing nothing at first. Andy hears her crying and turns to look at the girl with knees curled into her chest.
"Dest what's wrong?" Andy asks
"What was she doing in your room?"Destiny asks crying.
"She was talking to Payne, we decided to do a release." Andrade replies sitting down next to her.
"So you two werent-?"
"We werent doing anything!!!" Andrade shouts embarrassed she would even suggest it.
"Im sorry, its just I care about you alot and if you were to-" Andrade kisses Destiny trying to clear up any confusion she may have.
"Im sorry, I didnt meant to be so forward." Andy says putting his hand up to cover his red face.
"Its okay, Im glad." Destiny says hugging the young man.
       Chiie stirs opening her eyes to the dark cave they had found shelter in a few hours ago. The new blood sits up and blushes as she notices the soft warm body she had been reclining on. Sin, still fast asleep, snores lightly causing Chiie to giggle. Her melodious chuckle waking him up.
"Mmm, how long were we out?"Sin asks touching the skin on her arm lightly before sitting.
"Not sure, couple hours maybe? We need to get going again. Every minute we waste makes my stomach turn in nervousness."
"I know what you mean. Lets get going then."Sin says standing, and pulling Chiie up to a stand as well.  Vice stands arms crossed in the mouth of the cave.
"Who are you?"Chiie asks looking on at the figure who runs fingers through his hair.
"Ive been trailing you two for a couple of days, you're not very observant." Vice chuckles.
"Hoshimi-sama, this is the woman you wanted?" Vice asks and Hoshimi steps into the mouth of the cave.
"Who are you two and how did you get here?" Hoshimi asks and Sin shakes his head.
"Accident purely, actually if you'd like to tell us how we could get out it would be much appreciated." Sin says and Hoshimi chuckles.
"I dont think so, matter of fact you all are going to tell me why there is a slayer's stink on you."
"We were fighting a slayer before we were banished here. We came from the human plane."
"Oh? Why dont I believe you? I guess I'll have to use my own power of interrogation.  Hoshimi summons a whip and cracks it around Sin's throat bringing him down. Hoshimi pulls the whip away as he falls down to the ground. The dark queen cracks her whip again this time bringing Chiie to her knees. The two share a look and Chiie moves to stand, but Sin shakes his head. Purple lightning turns to a type of hand cuffs around their wrists. Vice grabs the purple lightning between Chiie's cuffs dragging her along Sin pulled by the power of his cuffs along with her.
"Hey! This hurts you know!" Chiie shouts and Hoshimi chuckles.
"Prisoners arent supposed to be comfortable." she says as the two of them are marched back to the black castle.
"Sin, cant we take them?" Chiie asks curiously as to why he's being so calm.
"She's the black queen, the likelihood of us winning is slim to none, assuming that she is weak theres too many guards around here. We could also see if Aeron might be in here. We could try to outsmart her though when we get to where they are taking us."Sin says and Chiie nods.
"I guess we wait."

The two are shoved into a cell in the black castle.
"Well, this was less productive than I thought."Chiie sighs looking around the cell.
"No worries, these arent bound by magic. I dont think they realize what I can do." Sin says with a smile. A tall lanky man with long dirty blonde hair keeps the keys and watches over the rows of cells. He walks up and down the rows slowly before stopping to watch at the end of the hall.
"What exactly can you do boy?" asks an older man with hair passed his shoulders, black marks on his cheeks his hair was a deep red like sin's. His clothing was ripped up and you could see bruised wrists from the handcuffs he had been wearing.
"Who're you? Sin asks on guard.
"Name's Rage, or thats what the slayers called me." he says standing up slowly.
"You were on the human plane?" Chiie asks and Rage nods.
"When our kind is banished by a slayer we turn up in the nightlands. Otherwise only purebloods are born here. You were born on the human plane werent you?" Rage asks curiously.
"We both were."
"What do they call the two of you?" Rage asks and Chiie sits down on the stone.
"I dont have a fiend name, but this is Sin." Chiie beams.
"We are looking for someone and decided to take a bit of a detour." Chiie laughs nervously. A growl comes from the darkest corner of the cell. Sin stands infront of Chiie to protect her and Chiie looks around scared.
"Sin?"it asks as the shadow comes closer.
"Do you remember me?" asks the older fiend, long deep red hair to his waist magenta marks on his shoulders and hips barely there rags to cover his body.
"Wrath?" Sin asks with a snarl and Chiie stands holding him back.
"Is that any way to greet your father Sin?"Wrath chuckles  and Chiie looks between the three of them.

Riddle cat cradles and protects a sleeping Aeron while Discord speaks to Despair through a portal ringed by purple smoke.
"I havent seen this Chiie or Sin for days, I have Aeron is there a way to at least send her back to your world?" Discord asks and Despair shakes her head.
"Not that I know of, but Gabriel and Mirage are working on something."
"Just continue to protect her and keep her hidden until we can get what we need to bring her back." Despair says and the portal dissipates. Discord makes his way over to the sleeping girl and wakes her gently.
"Aeron, we cant stay here much longer. We need to keep on the move or they will find us quicker." Discord explains and the girl stands rubbing her eyes and giving a big yawn.
"You never said exactly why it was you were helping me."
"In a way we're family. Im Despair's brother and your cousin is Despair's vessel."
"I believed it better before when you said there was a reward in it for you." Aeron chuckles stretching.
"How are you here and Despairs in the other world?" Aeron asks curiously and Discord chuckles.
"I was banished from the human world, doesnt mean I cant return, just means I'll need help to do it."
"What happened to you to get banished?"
"Despair killed a slayer clan, or most of them. They locked the two of us in cages tested and new weapons on us. They did this for years and one day the seal had weakened just enough that we could break free. Despair changed to her full form and fought and killed many by herself. She gravely wounded the family head and in his wifes' last moments she banished me and was able to seal Despair into Lukas Maru."
"No way!? Im really sorry this happened to you and Despair. I'll definitely help you get out of here." Aeron says and Discord smiles.
"Thats kind of you. Now lets go we need to get outta here while there is still morning light."
Riddle cat cocks his head and Aeron nods.
"Its alright Riddy. Im safe with Discord. Return and I will call if I need you." Aeron says and Riddle Cat disappears after a short mew.
"Lets get going shall we?" Discord asks picking up Aeron bridal style Aeron holds onto his neck blushing. Discord smiles down at her briefly before making distance quickly between them and their last hideout.

Gabriel slams the book down tired of looking at the horribly written chicken scratch.
"The only thing I can find in this whole damn book that might be able to help is summoning an object." Gabriel says through gritted teeth. Mirage pats his shoulder but he tenses up even more instead.
"Perhaps if we were to send someone with the object that was a fiend, we could give it to Aeron and have her wear or hold it. We could then summon the object and get Aeron to come back that way. Then we would just use the normal summon routine to get the others back." Mirage suggests and Gabriel nods.
"We have no choice but to try, but who do we send?" Gabriel asks not wanting to send the girls since they are so young.
"Father, Payne will go, but you will need to do a release on me first." Andrade says standing in the doorway.
"Are you sure you're ready for a release Andrade?" Gabriel asks and the boy nods.
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Mirage lays next to Sin as he runs fingertips across her skin.
"What are you thinking about?" Mirage asks trying to see why he's so distracted.
"Nothing. Im only worried."
"About Chiie? This is hardly the time for that!"
"Im sure she'll be fine with some rest. Its not just Chiie you're worried about is it?"
"Its just...what Miruka said. Shes in the nightlands now, and its my fault."
"Its not your fault, you didnt kill her. The nightlands are the demons original dwelling place. If she's there then she made the choice to go herself." Mirage says trying to reassure him.
"It just doesnt make sense why a priestess is in the nightlands. You're words are kind to me. In fact you are always kind to me. I hope you can forgive all the pain I've caused you."
"What pain my love?" she asks and Sin adjusts in bed.
"All of it." The telepath uses her power to see inside his mind to see whats troubling him.

"Ive gone too far already, we never should've said what we did."Chiie hangs her head angry with herself.
"Hate me if you need to, but you've always belonged to me. Its time we stop lying to each other."Sin says kneeling down on the floor kissing her skin on the way down.
"Sin, don't...I wont hurt Mirage or Gabriel like this..."Chiie pleads.
"So you want to lie to each other? Pretend we didn't just confess our love to one another?"Sin asks angrily.
"If it helps, yes."Chiie says and Sin shakes his head.
"I cant, not now knowing the truth. Just this once, please allow me and I will protect you from any consequence. I will take whatever punishment. If only for this one time."Sin begs and Chiie shakes her head.
"I'm just as guilty as you for letting it happen, you know? I couldn't sit by and watch them hurt you because of me. I wouldn't do that."
"But its not too late to stop either, and if you continue now it could ruin the both of us." Sin sighs.
"What would it be like if we were to ignore this forever? Neither of us would be truly happy. We would hate ourselves for our choice and wonder what would have happened. Lets take the mystery out of our lives Chiie."Sin says and the girl closes her eyes putting a hand over her face to think it over.  He smells the blood from her cuts and lets a low growl of pleasure as he licks it from her legs moving deeper between them and kissing her. The new blood gasps shocked as Sin uses his tongue to explore the area between her thighs.
" that..." Chiie sighs and grabs his hair to steady herself on the counter. No longer thinking of anything other than keeping herself from falling into the floor. Sin continues until Chiie shouts from pleasure arching her back into his kiss. Sin growls again grabbing Chiie up and slamming her onto the floor, he unbuttons his pants and opens the fly entering her. Chiie holds onto his shoulders entangling her fingers into his hair.
"W-wait!" She shouts and Sin almost doesn't stop.
"Not here." Chiie says and Sin grins knowing he's got what he wanted.
"Hold onto me." he commands and Chiie puts her arms around his neck. A black and red portal opens underneathe her and the two fall through taking them into one of the unused guest rooms. Chiie lands on the bed with Sin on top of her. She lets go and Sin walks to the door locking it and turns taking off his shirt. Sin exposes his chest and takes the braid out of his hair letting it fall loose around his shoulders. Sin trails fingertips over his chest as he walks to the end of the bed. Chiie watches in awe seeing a different side of the usually protective Sin who is now taking off his pants. He climbs onto the bed like a jungle cat hair hanging down all around his shoulders and pooling onto the mattress. Sin kisses her forcing her down to the bed, being as gentle as possible in his excitement. He enters her again and begins his rhythmic motion the two of them breathing heavily and exchanging kisses in the hot air. Sin rubs her breasts surprised at how large they actually are. He pauses a moment to catch his breath just gazing down at her.
"Sin..."she utters embarrassed by his stare as she tries to cover herself with her hands.
"Dimitri." Chiie looks up at him confused.
"My true name is Dimitri." he says stroking her cheek lightly with the back of his hand. He kisses her deeply before thrusting into her.
"Let me protect you, let me own you, all of you."

Mirage lets go of his cheek as she's seen enough.
"Did you sleep with Chiie?" Mirage asks knowing all too well the answer is yes.
"You know I can sense your powers right? You know the truth." Sin replies feeling guilty that it came out the way it did.
"I just wanted to hear you say it." she says clenching a fist.
"How could you even think it? Sin, Did you not care what I would think? How I would feel?" Mirage asks tearing up.
"Mira, I wont lie to you. I did not intend to hurt you..."
"I read your thoughts when Arafena was summoned too. I know I promised I never would, but I was so worried about you. You were thinking about Chiie, and somehow I knew this would happen. Do you even love me anymore?" Mirage asks.
"Of course I do! I love both of you..." Sin says reaching out to touch her.
"Don't touch me." Mirage says moving backwards a chair busting across the room tears streaming down her cheeks. Sin dodges the shrapnel.
"I have to tell Gabriel. You know that right?"Mirage asks unable to sit there with him any longer.
"Please dont. Theres no reason it needs to go outside of us here."
"Its only fair to him that we tell him the truth! "Mirage says pacing the room. Sin sits up reaching out to her.
"Dont Mira please!" Sin shouts upset himself. The mirror on the dresser shatters with a thought her head pounding as she tries to control her anger.
"He'll be angry with her, might even try to hurt her. I know he'll try and kill me for sure. Mira you cant tell him, if not for me than for Chiie's sake at least, she's your friend!"
"Maybe you shouldve thought about that before you slept with her, huh Sin?"Mirage says throwing her hands in the air out of anger.
"What did you want to accomplish with all this?! Did you plan this so I'd leave you? So you could fight with Gabriel? Do you love her?" Mirage asks trying to make sense of it all.
"I didnt think about any of this until after it happened. I try to avoid fighting with Gabriel if I can. I dont want you to go anywhere, you're the mother of my children and my mate. I love you very much. I've also loved Chiie for a long time, but I wasnt sure what kind of love it was until recently. I watched her get old, die, turn, and try to die again all in a matter of a few days. I've been more confused, depressed, happy and relieved than I have been in my whole life. I raised her like my own for some time, when Elizabeth shot her I lost my mind...I thought I'd never see her again. Then I turned her so I wouldnt have to go through that again, but her new form looked like Miruka and it stirred some things inside me. I wanted to be with her, and when she tried to kill herself because of me and what I'd done I just wanted to make it better...I wanted her to feel good again. Thats when she told me she loved me too." Sin explains trying to make Mirage understand.
"So if Gabriel tries to hurt her-?"
"I'd protect Chiie, Its my fault to begin with."
"If I left?"
"I would do whatever it took to make it up to you, I need you."
"If you had it your way, what would it be like?"
"I'd mate the both of you and take care of you two for as long as I lived."
"What about Chiie's children?"
"I'd take them in too"
"And Gabriel? What if he attacks you?"
"I'd kill him, and Chiie would never forgive me."
"You'd mate the two of us?"
"Yes, given you would allow it. I'd never do something like that without your consent."
"Thats comforting considering the circumstances."
"Thats not fair."
"If it turns out that Gabriel abandons Chiie and her children, or that he meets an untimely end I give you permission then and only then to mate her." Mirage says trying to keep her composure. Suddenly the house begins to shake and a soft white light fills the house.
"Whats going on?" Mirage asks trying to stay upright. Sin grabs her arm keeping her up and steady.
"I dont know, but this is definitely holy light." Sin says as one of the light rays through the door begin to burn his skin a little. The two of them going into the main room of the house. The quake continues and the others make their way down.
"What's going on?" Gabriel asks.
"The light gets brighter the closer you get to the basement." Luci says and the others makes their way downstairs.
    Aeron sits in the middle of a transmutation circle the light brightest around her.
"Aeron!" Chiie yells jumping off the rest of the stairs and next to the circle. She reaches in and tries to pull Aeron out.
"Chiie no!" Sin shouts hanging over the railing watching as her hand is unable to be pulled out and continuously gets scratched by the holy power.
"I've tried to get her out myself and its not working." Andrade says across from Aeron on the floor next to the circle.
"What spell is it? Can we reverse it?" Luci asks as they all make their way down the stairs.
"Its in the book over there."Aeron says pointing to the book on the floor. Mirage grabs the book and gasps. She's seen this spell before, and thought she'd never have to see it again.
"Its used to drain the power of a summoned demon." Mirage says.
"Theres nothing listed in the book to stop it."She adds closing the book.
"There was a translation error, and I fixed it. When I said the spell the circle appeared, and now I cant get out."Aeron says looking around at the yellow bubble she's in.
"Gabriel you can stop it right?"Chiie asks and Gabriel looks it over unsure of how to stop it himself. Gabriel holds out his hand and it shocks him causing him to recoil.
"This is unlike anything I've seen before." Gabriel says and underneath Aeron a purple portal opens.
"There wasnt a demon already summoned so its taking her to the nightlands." Mirage says in a panic.
"Whats that?" Chiie asks confused.
"The birthplace of the original demons, like my father." Sin explains and Chiie gasps.
"She cant go alone! With her powers they'll attack her right off!" Chiie shouts getting into the bubble with her.
"No! Chiie dont! Its too dangerous!" Mirage shouts.
"They wont survive in the nightlands, either of them, and theres nothing you can do." Ashura says without emotion.
"Ashura, how could you say that?!"Luci asks
"This is your doing wasnt it?"Chiie shouts and Ashura laughs.
"If only it was, I would be so proud of myself." Ashura shakes his head going back upstairs after Gabriel gives him a hell of a look.
"Its alright Luci, Chiie, theres nothing he could do with his power being sealed." Gabriel explains and  Luci looks down at her friends and is at a loss for words as she runs back up after him.
"He's right, and you cant get inside the barrier Gabriel. Someone needs to protect them..." Sin says trying not to overstep his bounds.
"Its not going anywhere at the moment, maybe theres still time. Give me the book!"Gabriel shouts taking the book from Mirage in a huff. The circle starts to sink into the portal.
"Mirage, Im going. I cant have a slayer and a new blood among powerful demons." Sin says and Mirage nods giving him a quick, and hesitant kiss on the lips.
"Be careful, keep them safe, and return to me." Mirage says as Sin jumps into the barrier putting a hand on Chiie's shoulder as she holds Aeron. Gabriel drops the book and sits next to the barrier.
"I'll bring you back, I promise!" Gabriel shouts as the three of them sink into the portal in the floor disappearing the circle making a scar on the floor.
"Dammit!!" Gabriel shouts shoving his fist into the concrete creating a small crater in the floor.
"Dad? Are they going to be ok?" Andrade asks worriedly and Gabriel grits his teeth trying to think of an answer to reassure his son.
"Take the book and go upstairs see if you cant find something in there that will reverse it." Gabriel tells him and Andrade picks up the book and goes upstairs.
"Dammit! I cant believe this! Why cant we just have a normal life?! When everything was starting to slow down and I could enjoy it again something has to fuck everything up!"
"Im afraid thats not true Gabe. I need to talk to you about something, and it will be very upsetting."
"What now? It cant be worse than this..." he says and Mirage gives him a nod.
"Its about the two of them..."
"Out with it!"
"Sin and Chiie have slept together." she says bluntly and Gabriel looks at her with shocked eyes as he sinks to the floor.
"You're lying to me, please tell me you're lying to me..."
"No, I am serious and Im telling the truth. I only found out a few minutes ago." Gabriel tears up and he whipes his face.
"Why tell me this now? Why tell me at all?" Gabriel asks upset.
"Because you deserve to know the truth, and I dont know what will happen with the two of them being together in the nightlands. I dont know how you will cope with it, and honestly it will give you time to calm down without them being around." Mirage says and Gabriel grits his teeth.
"I'll kill them, both of them! Why should I save them at all?!"Gabriel shouts to the top of his lungs.
"Why!? How could she do this to me? I feel so sick. Fuck sake Chiie!! Ugh!!!" He shouts balling up his fists ready to destroy things.
"Remember, if anything else that your daughter is with them. If not for Chiie or Sin then do it for Aeron." Mirage says and Gabriel nods
"You're right. I need to focus on getting them back whether I want to or not."Gabriel reasons still incredibly angry.
"In his defense, there's a reason that vessels and slayers do not mix Gabriel. It is because a child between the two could cause disastrous consequences. Andrade's holy power could pass to his demon killing it. He could also be overpowered by the evil aura and die himself. At the very least he will become ill. This is why they are told to trust and build a bond with their guardians." Mirage explains and Gabriel shakes his head.
"I thought we had beaten the odds, why wouldnt she trust my kind after me?" Gabriel asks confused.
"Vessels do not trust slayers because slayers are the ones that seal the vessels away. Someone in your family would have to be present for the sealing of Andrade's demon."Mirage says and Gabriel shakes his head.
"Its not possible, the only ones alive from my family are me and my brother. My mother died when we found out that Chiie was pregnant and my grandfather died shortly after we were married." Gabriel says and Mirage nods.
"Where was your brother during the time Andrade was turned into a vessel? Was he with you?" Mirage asks and Gabriel becomes furious.
"No! He wouldnt have..."Gabriel says in disbelief.
"Family tends to turn on each other when slayers and vessels meet. The same with a slayer and a demon. I was human when I met Sin, a human and demon...Its unsafe for the same reasons. I could have been killed by Iladri" Mirage explains and Gabriel begins to tear up again.
"When we sort this out maybe you should ask her. Hmm?"Mirage asks and Gabriel nods.
"In the meantime we need to work toward getting them back."
      Sin sits up and looks around in the foggy blackness a field of black roses around him in every direction.
"Aeron!! Chiie!!" He shouts and turns completely around as he's shouting to see if there are any people in sight. Sin panics as he makes his way through the flowers.
"They're out there somewhere without me!" Sin thinks aloud as he runs through the roses now not afraid to trample them as he runs. Chiie wakes up in the middle of a large black cathedral at the feet of what could only be described as a dominatrix. Leather black gloves that run up to the forearm. Long leather boots with a stiletto heel, a corset and a black barely there set of shorts that have a shiny see through train floating from the back. The woman had pointed ears, red eyes, long curly purple hair. She stands up and rolls Chiie over with a foot.
"Who are you and how did you get in here?" asks one of the black suited guards a spear to her throat.
"I-I dont know! Where am I?" Chiie asks scooting backwards on her hands and feet.
"You will not ask questions of our Queen! Do not even look upon her!" he shouts the spear coming closer yet again. Chiie panics and uses her ice power to freeze the guards to the floor as she scrambles up and starts running toward the door.
"Halt!" the queen shouts and Chiie looks back as the woman holds out a hand letting a powerful shadow creep across the floor making its way toward her. Chiie keeps running throwing open the doors and moving as fast as she can into the blackness.
"Vice, go after her!" Hoshimi shouts and a man with markings on his chin, short brown hair and black leather armor follows her out the door and into the fields. The new blood runs  into the field of black roses and straight into another person who knocks her down.
"Sin?" she asks and surprised he stares down at her for a minute.
"Chiie? Is it really you?" He asks looking down at her in the bed of roses. She nods and he helps her into a sit hugging her tightly.
"I was worried that I had lost you again." he says kissing the top of her head.
"I was worried too."She replies squeezing back then realization hits.
"Where's Aeron?" she asks pushing off his chest.
"She's not with you?" Sin asks worried as well.
"No, I was just running from some Queen of the nightlands I suppose. Spears at me and everything."Chiie says and Sin pulls her up.
"Aeron must not be too far away if we were close together. We should probably get going if they've followed you." Sin starts grabbing her hand and pulling her along as they run together. Chiie looks down at their hands entwined and blushes before squeezing and picking up the pace. They had to find Aeron after all, this isnt the time for day dreaming.
      Aeron opens her eyes stirring, a gentle motion waking her slowly. She looks up to see the face of a young man with long spikey hair that started off a chocolate brown and made its way to light blue tips, the right side of his face covered by hair. Underneath the left eye is a black mark reminiscent of a jokers tear. On either side of his neck are black marks as if there were hands wrapped there. He wears a leather vest the collar cut into a deep V shape exposing some of his flesh and dark full length pants. Boots climb up muscular legs and clawed hands wrap around the girl held bridal style as he walks. Aeron stares up a moment before closing her eyes quickly.
"Oh no what do I do?! Maybe if I pretend to be asleep I'll find out whats going on?"Aeron things to herself trying to come up with a plan.
"It wont work." he says before Aeron shoots her eyes open at him.
"Are you a mind reader?" Aeron asks and the man chuckles.
"No, I just saw your eyes open and Im sure whatever plan you're trying to come up with wont work." he says and Aeron pouts a little.
"How would he know?" Aeron huffs thinking to herself.
"Well, would you at least tell me where we are going then?" Aeron asks and the man shakes his head.
"That'll ruin the surprise." he replies with a wink and Aeron struggles to get out of his arms but his grip is tight.
"Cant you march me like a normal prisoner? This is embarrassing!" she shouts flailing again.
The man laughs puts her down and she turns to look at him fully for the first time.
"Whats your name?" Aeron asks and the man pauses a moment.
"You may call me Discord." he says and Aeron nods.
"And you?"
"Where are you taking me?"
"Not telling." he says sticking out his tongue at her.
"How did you find me?"
"I felt the power of your portal, I was curious as to why a slayer would come here. I followed the feel of your power."
"What do you plan on doing with me? Im sure it ends in death whatever it is, but I'd rather know and prepare mentally." Aeron says annoyed that he's kept her in the dark.
"Im going to get you out of this open field and I planned to turn you in to Hoshimi so I could be rewarded." Discord says matter of factly.
"Rewarded for what?!" Aeron asks annoyed.
"About 4 hours ago there was a new blood that dropped down into the palace from a similar portal and she had escaped the palace. The Queen wants that woman found and something tells me that you two know each other." he says and Aeron gulps.
"If I run?"Aeron asks and Discord chuckles.
"Go ahead. Try." he says crossing his arms and allowing the girl to take off running in the other direction. Discord counts to 10 in his head before pursuing the girl. Aeron sees him jump towards her from the corner of her eye. She turns around quickly and creates a light barrier which pushes him back a little.
"You think this will stop me?" Discord asks with a laugh as he walks through the barrier shocking Aeron. He grabs her arm as the light goes away not harming him at all. Aeron is taken aback, a fiend thats not harmed by holy light? Aeron summons a whip sword thats black blade gleams in the darkness the white edges razor sharp. Discord lets go backing out of whip range.
"You think you should play with knives little girl?" he asks.
"If I cant exorcise you then Im going to cut you into pieces. Im sure as hell not going to die here." she says and Discord gives a smile.
"Show me what you can do." Discord says waiting for her first attack. Aeron charges the blade with holy light making it glow a brilliant blue before swinging it over her head and whipping it in Discord's direction. He dodges easily by moving backwards. Aeron uses her blade several more times in a similar fashion. Discord dodges each one black rose petals floating through the air, but realizes there are hanging blue marks in the air almost too faint to see. When he lands from his last dodge the blue marks interlock creating a type of net. Making him unable to dodge again. Aeron smiles knowing shes cornered him.
"You just thought I was that bad with my weapon huh?" she laughs and Discord shrugs.
"I was hoping so, but how foolish do I look now." he laughs it off and Aeron comes down with her blade. Discord grabs it in the air and licks the end of the blade to show he is unafraid. Aeron stares confused.
"You're it." he says with a grin as he grabs the cable connecting the pieces of the whip sword and pulling her into his chest. The whip sword vanishes and the light that was once surrounding her is gone.
"This would be harder if your tricks worked on me darling." he says and Aeron all but gives up the fight both wrists in his hands.
"Summon Riddle Cat!" Aeron shouts. A white bell appears and chimes before being enveloped in a white light. A small white cat with a black tipped tail, golden eyes, and a red bow around its neck appears.
"A kitten? Aeron you disappoint me."Discord replies with a laugh. The cat meows and turns into tall man with white hair tipped black. Behind his left ear is a tail of hair that goes a little passed shoulder length. He wears a red collar with a yellow bell to match his golden eyes. His cat ears are pure white, and his fluffy tail is white with black tips. He wears black pants and boots, and a light blue button up shirt with little cut out pieces in the shape of diamonds on the front. He also wears elbow length gloves that were black as well.
"Riddy!" Aeron shouts and the cat man grabs Aeron around the waist with one arm and doing a one hand stand on the other uses it to spin around and kick Discord back. Riddle Cat lands and puts Aeron down. Looking over her without a word. Aeron nods as if the two had a silent language. The cat man stands infront of Aeron claws out and ready to kill. Discord laughs before sitting down on the ground giving up.
"You're different than the others I'll give you that. I did not expect him to change like that." Discord says rocking a little on his backside.
"You yield?"Aeron asks confused, the cat man still ready to strike.
"Yes, yes I yield." Discord says with a smile.
"This is-?" he asks curiously looking up at the catman.
"This is Riddle Cat, I call him Riddy for short. He's my protector and companion. Speaking of protecting, why did you give me the option to fight and then yield?"
"I didnt want to hurt you, naturally."
"Oh, because of the reward?"
"No, honestly there is no reward. Hoshimi is an entitled Queen. She feels as though you already belong to her, she wont buy something that she already owns. I wanted to fight you to see if you could, and would defend yourself. That'll make getting you out of here much easier."
"You're helping me?" Aeron asks confused and Riddle Cat stands down.
"I know you came here with your mother, the two of you are separated and that you need to get back home as quickly as possible."
"How do you know all that?"
"Despair is my sister, from what I understand her vessel is a family member of yours. There are ways of communicating between the planes of existence. If we can find your mother we can contact the others and get you back to your world."
"How did you figure all this out?"
"You've been out for a couple days Aeron, I've had plenty of time to think." Discord says standing up looking at the shocked girl. He reaches out a hand to Aeron who takes it, even with Riddle Cat's brief protest.
"Its okay Riddy, if something does happen you'll be here right?" she asks and the cat man nods.
MC 3 Chapter 6
oh shit, im surprised Mirage didn't go Carrie on Sin

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